26 February 2024

“Together Team One”, “Trust the movement”… “Our team’s 5-letter talk” by 12 K1 captains

By pestfood.com

He confidently expressed his team’s color ahead of the new season. It was a word of “captain,” so I felt more weight.

Sports Seoul surveyed a total of 24 coaches and captains of 12 teams ahead of the opening of the K-League 1. The last question was “Our soccer is OOOOO, 5-letter talk.” It was conducted only with 12 captains. I felt proud of my team.

Ulsan HD captain Kim Ki-hee, who is the defending champion and is aiming for the team’s first K-League 1 title for the third consecutive time, described it as a “collapsed team.” “Under Coach Hong Myung-bo, we are ready to play as one team for the 2024 season, including the chemistry between the new and existing players and sharing of solid goals,” he confidently shouted.

Kim Jin-soo, the captain of Hyundai Motor’s rival Jeonbuk Hyundai, wrote without comment, “I write history.” Jeonbuk, which failed to make a comeback under Petrescu after going through a transition period, succeeded in reinforcing its capability by recruiting top foreign players including Thiago and Hernandez this winter. Veteran national defender Kim Jin-soo considered his team’s advance to history.

“Dynamic,” said Wandelson, the foreign captain of the Pohang Steelers. Kim Ki-dong, who led Pohang until last year, took the helm of FC Seoul, but he was confident that Park Tae-ha would also play dynamic soccer. On the other hand, Seoul captain Ki Sung-yueng vowed to rebuild his team’s reputation under the leadership of “master” Kim, writing, “Trust him.”

Ahn Young-kyu, the captain of Gwangju FC, who ranked third in the “surprise league” under coach Lee Jung-hyo last year, wrote, “I will come back again.” “I will show you a different upgrade from last year,” he said, stressing that he will challenge a new history with “wisdom” coach Lee.

Daegu FC’s captain Hong Cheol said, “Perfect soccer.” “I think the best and most difficult game is a 1-0 victory. I think soccer is ‘perfect soccer’ for our Daegu team to score no points and score one goal.”

Lim Chae-min of Jeju United, where Kim Hak-beom was appointed, said, “It’s a crab press,” vowing to “pick him up with playing soccer more than his opponent.” Lee Myung-joo of Incheon United said, “We are strong.” “We have endured and overcome the rough past. Incheon will be stronger than ever in the 2024 season,” he said confidently. “We are going to be aggressive again this year,” said Kang Yoon-sung of Daejeon. 업소알바

Han Kook-young, the captain of Gangwon FC who barely managed to survive in the first division last year, said, “It’s a tough soccer. I want to make my opponent suffer in this season, which I prepared diligently every day, and I will make that happen.” Lee Yong-yong of Suwon FC said, “Stick soccer.”

Kim Hyun-wook, executive vice president of the new season’s “promotion team,” said, adding, “Even if I can die, I cannot lose. It is a football that contains the spirit of the executive vice president’s invincible investigation.”