23 February 2024

Ju Min-gyu vs. Thiago’s competition for top scorer, which they faced before the opening, changed to “new uniform” Thiago

By pestfood.com

The 2024 K-League’s top scorer candidate is not expected to be different from last year.

According to Sports Seoul’s survey of a total of 24 coaches and captains of the 12 K League 1 teams, most of the opinions were that Ulsan HD’s Joo Min-kyu and Jeonbuk Hyundai’s Thiago would compete for the top scorer following the 2023 season.

The largest number of votes cast was for Joo. Nearly half of the votes were cast by 11 people. Six of the 12 coaches took the picture. Joo scored 17 goals in 36 matches last year, becoming the second scorer in his career. Although it was his first season to move to Ulsan after leaving Jeju United, he incorporated into the team and made a brilliant contribution to Ulsan’s second consecutive loss.

He is overwhelmed among homegrown strikers again this season. In the first leg of the round of 16 strongest teams at the 2023-2024 AFC Champions League, Joo scored a goal with his head and feet against Japanese striker Van Fre Gofu.

Pohang Steelers coach Park Tae-ha said, “I think he will show good performance following last year.” Jeju coach Kim Hak-beom also said, “He has a good sense of scoring. He is also confident.” “Foreign players for this season have not been identified yet. I expect him to be the best among Korean strikers.”

Another contributing factor is the fact that Ulsan has many “playmakers” who can create chances to score goals. Gwangju FC manager Lee Jung-hyo said, “There are many players around me who can help me,” while Suwon FC manager Kim Eun-joong also said, “I think good players can help me.” Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo, the head of the team, also said, “I proved my sense of goal once again in the round of 16 teams in the ACL this month. I believe he will do well in the league as well.”

Hong Chul (Daegu FC), Ahn Young-kyu (Gwangju), Lim Chae-min (Jeju), Kang Yoon-sung (Daejeon), and Lee Yong (Suwon FC) also cited Joo Min-kyu’s skills and sense of goal.

Thiago’s name was also mentioned. Thiago, who received seven votes, competed with Joo Min-kyu last year for the top scorer. He had the same score of 17 goals in 36 matches, but was ranked second after Joo Min-kyu. 밤알바

There have been changes this season. Thiago has built a new nest for Jeonbuk from Daejeon. Many predict that competition for the top scorer will become fiercer with Jeonbuk’s supporters. Coincidentally, Thiago, like Joo Min-kyu, also made 16 strongest teams in the ALC. Although he failed to score a goal, he made several threatening moves. Incheon coach Cho Sung-hwan said, “He is a talented player, as he showed last year. Jeonbuk, which has moved its nest, is good on the side, so he will likely provide good support.”