21 February 2024

Lee Kang-in, the ‘table tennis controversy’, took action! He visited Son Heung-min in person and apologized, “There was a lot of lack… I am deeply repenting.”

By pestfood.com

Lee Kang-in took action directly amid the table tennis controversy.

Lee Kang-in joined the national team led by then coach Jurgen Klinsmann and participated in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup.

Lee Kang-in played the role of Joker as a substitute a year ago at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, but his presence has changed. He played a central role in the Asian Cup.

Lee Kang-in showed his sharp pass and de-pressure ability, invigorating the second line of the Cleansman and attack.

In particular, he showed tremendous performance by scoring an amazing free-kick with his sharp shooting ability and scoring a goal after breaking down the defense.

However, South Korea was eliminated from the semifinals after a poor match against Jordan with 0 effective shots.

Lee Kang-in said on SNS after the Asian Cup, “Players, coaching staff and support staff worked hard together with the goal of the Asian Cup for a month, but I personally feel sorry for not achieving the desired results.”

“I wanted to repay you with good results at the Asian Cup thanks to the constant expectations and support of soccer fans who always support our national team, but I’m sorry I couldn’t,” he said with regret.

“Many fans will be disappointed, but if you trust and support our national team as you have done so far, we will work hard to become a team and show more advanced plays on the field, and furthermore, to become a competitive team on the world stage.” he promised to turn the mood around.

Lee Kang-in was embroiled in controversy at the Asian Cup. British media “The Sun” said on the 14th, “Son Heung-min had an altercation with his colleagues at a meal on the eve of the Asian Cup semifinal and suffered a dislocated finger.”

According to reports, it was the beginning of the incident that some of the South Korean players woke up to enjoy table tennis after finishing dinner quickly.

As young players were enjoying table tennis after finishing their meal early, Son Heung-min reportedly complained that the meal was an opportunity to strengthen solidarity because it was the day before the game. 꽁머니지급

Lee Kang-in was included among the players who enjoyed table tennis after finishing their meal early.

Son Heung-min suffered a dislocated finger during an altercation and physical fight with Lee Kang-in. Son Heung-min also played in the semifinal match against Jordan with a bandage on his finger.

The situation became serious as some of these facts were reportedly recognized by the Korea Football Association.

Rumor has it that several angry veteran players visited Klinsmann and demanded that Lee Kang-in be excluded from the game against Jordan.