20 February 2024

‘Sloppy Tank’ A foreign striker who lost 6kg because he was afraid of Hakbumson… Jeju has entered the ‘second weight war’

By pestfood.com

Jeju United players are raising hopes for a rebound by winning points little by little in the “fight against weight” declared shortly after “Hakbumson” coach Kim Hak-beom took office.

Recently, the Jeju athletes who met in Gyeongju, the second winter training site in Jeju, confessed in unison that they lost weight. Compared to early January, when they convened for off-season training, they reportedly lost as little as 1-2kg and as much as 6kg. Surprisingly, the athlete who wrote the legend of losing 6kg was Yuri Johnathan, an “foreign” Brazilian striker. At a glance, his jaw became thinner and his body became “slim.” Yuri Johnathan, who boasted a solid physique enough to be nicknamed the “tank” when playing in Brazil, jokingly posed, saying, “I lost weight through diet and exercise.” When asked if he lost weight because he was afraid, he answered “100%” without hesitation. “There are many styles of leaders in Brazil, but there are not many styles of leaders like Kim Hak-beom,” he said with a smile.

Striker Seo Jin-soo lost 3kg. Coach Kim, who was listening to him next to him, approached Seo Jin-soo and ordered him to lose more in his signature low voice, and left. Seo Jin-soo said, “The coach talks about weight once a day. I always exercised hard during the off-season training, but I have never thoroughly managed my diet like now. I think diet management is harder than exercising. You should refrain from eating even if you are hungry.” Earlier, Kim said he was shocked to see a player eating cake at the restaurant in his hotel. When I told Seo Jin-soo about this, he laughed, saying, “Not me. I’m quick-witted, so I don’t do that.”

Then why is Kim obsessed with weight and body fat? “If you consider 4 kilograms of beef, it will be this much,” said Kim, who pretended to pick up a piece of meat by squeezing his fingers. “Think of players running with these big piles of meat. If they become overweight, they will be powerless after 70 minutes, and their physical strength will decrease faster. Soccer is a sport that faces extreme situations at the end of a game. If you gain weight, you will find it difficult to overcome those situations,” Kim said. “I don’t know if three or four people are overweight, but 17 people are overweight even now. It means that it has accumulated for a long time.”

Coach Kim, who has been a leader for more than 30 years in Seongnam, Gwangju, Gangwon and the U-23 national team and has various data, said, “There is an appropriate weight considering height and bone thickness. If you exceed that weight, you will rattle and get abnormalities in your body,” and diagnosed that players currently living with minor injuries in Jeju have not been able to recover their normal conditions for this reason. 퀸알바

Of course, Jeju is not the only country that is doing “diet” at winter training sites. “I am doing various training sessions including overall movements and tactics,” Kim said. When asked about the outcome of the training so far, he said, “I feel like I will do well this season once I start training, but I think I am halfway there so far. Wouldn’t that have been good enough?” He said he felt sorry for his lack of concentration. Still, he said, “I am grateful that the athletes, especially foreign players, are working hard.” Veteran Koo Ja-cheol, who has been trying hard to boost up his body since last year’s injury, expressed his will to revive himself, saying, “This year, my body belongs to (Kim Hak-beom).”