20 February 2024

Jeju Kim Seungseop’s “About Thirty”… “I want to win with Hakbumson in my 7th year”

By pestfood.com

“Kim Seung-seop has a good body.” “Seung-seop is good at running.”

These are the words that soccer officials who were watching Jeju United’s winter training practice game said in unison when they saw Jeju striker Kim Seung-seop’s movement.

Kim Seung-seop was MBTI’s “Super E” who did not lose his smile and energy even in off-season training, which is physically bound to ups and downs once in a while. The seventh-year pro striker, who has a “fantasy of 30,” also showed his passion for soccer and love for Jeju.

Sports Korea met Kim Seung-seop in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the second winter off-season training site for the Jeju club in preparation for the 2024 season, and heard about Jeju, Kim Hak-beom’s soccer, and his soccer career around the age of 30.

Coach Kim Hak-beom, who became the new head coach of Jeju Island ahead of the K-League in the 2024 season, emphasized physical stamina throughout the training camp. He said, “If you do not have physical stamina, which is the basis of training and games, you cannot do anything.”

Kim is one of the players who follows Kim’s philosophy best. It may be considered a natural occurrence as he was recognized as the “physical strength king” by Lee Min-sung, who was famous for his high-intensity physical training when he played for Hana Citizen in Daejeon.

“For most of my career, I was with the coach who put a lot of importance on my physical strength. Maybe because Lee Min-sung was with Kim Hak-beom as the coach of the U-23 national team, the training styles of the two were similar, and I already adapted to high-intensity training during the Daejeon period, so I didn’t have much difficulty in performing the coach’s training.”

“Coach Kim Hak-beom is the best in terms of charisma as he leads the team. Thanks to him, players’ concentration in training is increasing. On the other hand, he allows us to play with him freely in our daily lives, approaches players first, communicates with them actively, and pranks us a lot. I feel that he really fits the coach a lot. He emphasized ‘one team’ throughout the winter training and said that he would give the opposing teams a ‘away hell.’ I think those words can be fulfilled. If that happens, my dream is not to return to the Asian Champions League or win the K League 1. I want to play soccer with him for a long time,” Kim said, expressing high expectations for Kim Hak-beom’s team in Jeju.

Meanwhile, Kim, who applied for the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit this year, will be able to join the military in April if he finally passes the competition after going through written and practical tests. Considering that Jeju’s opening game of the K-League 1 this season is on March 2, Kim could wear a military uniform after playing in Jeju for only about a month. When Kim showed an explosive dribble during a practice match, the watching officials could have expressed regret.

“Coach Kim Hak-beom and the coaching staff are joking, saying, ‘I can’t send you to Sangmu.’ I don’t know if I will join Sangmu this year, but more than that, I want to score a goal as a striker and I am confident. It is regrettable that I rarely had a chance to score a goal last season, mainly as a wing-back player. I believe that the coach has a good style of soccer and a great affection for each other. I am confident that I will increase my offensive points by more than 10 this season, and I want to show them enough.”

Kim Seung-seop showed consideration for his teammates. This is why he even gave up his uniform number for the team. 꽁머니사이트

“I heard that Thales joined the team and wanted the number 11 when his jersey number for the 2024 season was already confirmed. Since joining the pro league, I have worn the number 11 only so far, and although I am stubborn about the number, I could leave the team during the season to fulfill my duty as a national defense officer this year. If I start the season with the number 11 and leave in the middle, the number 11 will be vacant. Rather, I thought it was right for Thales to take this number from the beginning of the season. However, I did not want to take away my precious number from other players, so I chose the number 36 out of the remaining number.”