16 February 2024

Professional baseball legend went to Seogwipo to develop little baseball

By pestfood.com

On the 15th, an indoor training ground at Kang Chang-hak Park Baseball Stadium in Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

The Korea Little Baseball Federation (Chairman Yoo Seung-an) Baseball Academy was held to improve the skills of players participating in the first National Little Baseball Championship under the Shin-shin Hotel Boat & Korea Little Baseball Federation.

Ma Hae-young, former MVP and general manager of the Korea Little Baseball League, Min Byung-hun, former outfielder of the Korean national team who played for Doosan and Lotte, and pitcher Yoo Won-sang, who posted 35 wins, 53 losses, 8 saves and 66 holds, have donated their talents. They were with the players from 7:30 p.m. on Saturday to Sunday for two hours.

Mahae-yeong and Min Byung-hun played the batting part and Yoo Won-sang played the pitching part. They taught the players affectionately as if they were treating their children. Rather than pointing out their weaknesses, they highlighted their strengths and made players interested in baseball. The players couldn’t take their eyes off each posture taught by instructors who were former star players.

Director Ma Hae-young, Min Byung-hun, and Yoo Won-sang kindly responded to the players’ requests for autographs and photos, giving them good memories. A parent said, “It will be a meaningful memory that the children love and appreciate because legendary stars, who could be encountered through broadcasts or media, directly guide them,” and added, “I deeply thank the Korean Little Baseball Federation for taking care of the players in many ways.”

An official from the Korea Little Baseball Federation said, “The professional baseball legend donated his talent and the players’ response was very good. We will continue to prepare many events to improve the players’ skills and make good memories.”

Hosted and sponsored by Shinshin Hotel Co., Ltd. and organized by the Korea Little Baseball Federation (Chairman Yoo Seung-an), the competition attracted more than 2,000 people from 60 teams across the country. The competition was held to maximize the strength of Seogwipo City, dubbed the winter training mecca of the Little Baseball team. 꽁머니지급

The opening ceremony was attended by Kim Un-jang, CEO of Shinshin Hotel Co., Ltd., Lee Jong-woo, Mayor of Seogwipo City, Kim Tae-moon, Director of Seogwipo City’s Sports Council, Kim Yong-chun, Director of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Yang Moon-seok, Chairman of Seogwipo City Tourism Council, Kim Eung-ryong, former chairman of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, Nam Sung-gun, senior vice chairman of the Korea Little Baseball Federation, Kim Dong-ha, vice chairman of the Korea Little Baseball Federation, and Park Sung-dong, vice chairman of the Korea Little Baseball Federation.