15 February 2024

“Second place in annual salary → 11th place in grade.” Lee Seung-woo! I took it with a great card, but Seoul E’s director Kim Do-kyun said, “There was no progress.”

By pestfood.com

In professional sports, people say that if investment and performance are not proportional, they are generally incompetent. The Seoul E-Land of the K-League 2 lacked performance compared to recent expenditures. New coach Kim Do-kyun (47) also criticized the situation. He brought star player Lee Seung-woo, his student when he was playing for Suwon FC, and planned a reversal, but failed.

According to the data released by the Korea Professional Football Association, E-Land recorded a total annual salary of 5,765.41 million won (approx. E-Land spent more money than Gwangju FC (approx. 5 billion won) in the K-League 1. E-Land only ranked seventh in the 2022 season. In 2023, it spent 5.483 million won (approx. Although it decreased by 4.9 percent year-on-year, it still ranked second in total. Its season performance plummeted to 11th among 13 clubs.

E-Land appointed Kim Do-kyun as its new head coach in December last year. Kim succeeded in being promoted to Suwon FC in the first year of his term in 2020. He has retained Suwon FC in the K-League 1 for the third consecutive year. In a recent interview, Kim pointed out that (E-Land) is a team that spends a considerable amount of money in the second division. “I think the players were not properly organized.” He seems to be satisfied with most of the off-season. “All the former coaches are different in color. I respect that. From the outside, I wonder why they don’t get good results when they spend money well. I thought it was a composition. There is not much difference in the budget this time, either. Personally, the composition was done more efficiently (compared to the past). It is now up to the coach to make the season.” 밤알바

E-Land has recruited K-League 1 players including Kim Oh-gyu, Jung Jae-yong, and foreign player Osmar. Marking the 10th anniversary of its foundation, E-Land has displayed strong commitment to win promotion for sure. Coach Kim Do-kyun tried to catch even Lee Seung-woo, who once served in Suwon from 2022. Rumors spread that Lee would move to E-Land in December last year. “From our standpoint, we had a desire to recruit him if possible. (Lee) still had one year left on his contract with Suwon FC. I understand that the Suwon FC has strong trust in Lee Seung-woo. There is nothing special to be said at the moment. “If there is any change within the team, I don’t know, but we have a squad as we are.”

I have a good hunch. I will play soccer that fans enjoy,” Kim said. “I feel very good. I’m trying to change the mood and color of the team that I’ve shown so far. I prepared to surprise many fans and staff members that E-Land has changed a lot.” Kim added, “I will play fast soccer. I have the same thought as when I first became a professional coach. I’ll think about it. I’m going to think about it. I’m studying how to reduce those areas and balance the team. I will play aggressive soccer based on the balance of offense and defense.”