14 February 2024

Increased extra time, reduced bed soccer, and SAOT introduced… It must survive on the 亞 stage only with detail and precision

By pestfood.com

It is a competition that has learned a lesson that now needs to be more detailed and precise on the Asian stage.

Like the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, which recently ended in Qatar, attracted attention by increasing the extra time of games. This reflects the global soccer trend to increase the actual playing time (APT).

Adding APTs is a trend in soccer. The goal is to reduce unnecessary time required for the ball to stop due to VARs, ceremonies, replacement of players and injuries, and to further enjoy soccer itself.

In the Group A match between Tajikistan and Lebanon, the extra time of the second half alone reached a whopping 16 minutes. In both the first and second half, 21 minutes of extra time was given. The time was longer than the first half of extra time. From the group stage to the final, 51 games were played, with an average additional time of 12.9 minutes. Only four times the extra time fell below 10 minutes.

Naturally, a lot of theatrical goals were scored. This is why it is necessary to play calmly and in detail without losing concentration even when physical strength declines.

It was exciting for spectators watching soccer. Naturally, the number of “bed soccer” such as a milestone in Middle East soccer has decreased compared to the previous one. “bed soccer” refers to the act of intentionally lying down on the ground by a team player who leads the game to its advantage. It was a scene that emerged a lot among Middle Eastern teams, but the APT did not implement it as much as before due to the strong APT wind.

In addition, the “semi-automatic offside” (SAOT) system was applied for the first time in this year’s event. It was also introduced for the first time in the Qatar World Cup. Twelve special cameras installed at stadiums determine the positions of players’ bodies, such as balls and arms and legs, to determine whether they are offside or not. If they are offside, they will be immediately forwarded to the VAR referee’s office. The final decision is made by the referee. The system was designed to reduce misjudgment, and calls for a more accurate and reliable attack have emerged. 핑크알바

Asian soccer has achieved a level standardization. This is the reason why the Korean national soccer team failed to win the Asian Cup thanks to players’ personal skills such as Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich). The same applies to Japan. Korea can no longer win the Asian Cup only with its techniques and physical capabilities. Detailed tactics and strategies must be applied to match the global soccer trend.