10 February 2024

Two Masked Men Appear, Samsung Basketball Fighting Spirit Resurrects

By pestfood.com

Recently, Samsung in professional basketball has changed 180 degrees.

In particular, Hong Kyung and Lee Won-seok transformed into so-called mask men, throwing their fighting spirit and leading Sono to games and team victories.

Let’s check out the evidence that Samsung basketball has changed.

There was a surprise performance of this player who hit a three-point shot in the corner, Hong Kyung-gi, who turned into a mask man.

Just before the end, there was Lee Won-seok, who returned from the main facial fracture injury of Lee Do-myeong, who blocked foreign Onuaku’s stride.

Lee Won-seok also endured the inconvenience of taking off his mask and shooting to secure his view when shooting the first free throw. 헤라카지노도메인

We beat Samsung Sono, who has been completely changed to acting manager Kim Hyo-beom, and have a good holiday start.

Women’s professional basketball team Samsung Life Insurance also had three consecutive wins as it put BNK in a quagmire for 12 consecutive wins.