10 February 2024

It was okay to cut my salary by half… I can’t stand it anymore “I’m leaving in the summer”

By pestfood.com

Frenkie The Dragon (26) of Barcelona is making a decision to transfer. Complaints about the current situation are growing.

“The dragon has become more eager to leave Barcelona than ever before,” the British media Daily Mail reported on the 9th (Korea time). “He is ready to leave.”

“The Dragons are disappointed with the club. They did not meet their expectations for the UEFA Champions League challenge,” he said. “Barcelona is currently third in La Liga, but it is not meeting expectations. Their poor performance will result in Xavi leaving the club after the end of the season.”

“The dragon’s performance also leaves something to be desired. He played in 15 league games this season. However, his performance is not as good as the previous seasons,” he said.

The Dragon, who has been playing for Barcelona since the 2019-20 season, is the core of the team. He has played in more than 40 games every season to maintain the central position. He has scored one goal in a total of 22 games this season, and is starting in all 15 games in La Liga. Except for the games that he missed due to an ankle injury this season, he has played in all of them.

The Dragon has been in the spotlight of Manchester United since the summer of 2022. With Erik ten Hag at the helm, his plan was to aim for The Dragon. The Dragon was adamant. “I like my life in Barcelona. I don’t want to transfer,” he said.

It was okay if the salary was cut. Barcelona did not have enough money to pay the team due to the financial crisis. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial crisis became more serious, and the team’s wages were cut significantly. Reports say that the figure has been cut by almost half.

However, he seems to have endured it enough. He is showing his will to leave the team to win the championship. Manchester United can actively seek to recruit more dragons. 라바카지노

“Manchester United brought in Casemiro after failing to recruit The Dragon. However, due to his poor physical condition and performance this season, the deal could be sold this summer,” the Daily Mail said, predicting that the team could start recruiting The Dragon. The Dragon contract ends in the summer of 2026.