9 February 2024

The reason why Son Heung-min wrote a blank… “It became a scoring machine.” Reversing Hisharl’s evaluation

By pestfood.com

The evaluation of Hisharlisong has changed. Thanks to Hisharlisong who showed good performance since December last year, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. was able to minimize Son’s absence.

Son Heung-min’s departure was a concern that Tottenham had to carry throughout January. Son was appointed to the national team after the match against Bournemouth to participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, and was away for about a month. Fortunately, Son Heung-min’s absence was scheduled, so Tottenham had plenty of time to deal with it.

When Son Heung-min left, Tottenham moved quickly in the transfer market. The first player Tottenham recruited in the winter transfer market was Timo Werner, a replacement for Son. Werner, who can play both the side and the front line, was expected to fill Son’s vacancy in the short term.

It was Hisarlisong who unexpectedly benefited the most from Tottenham. Having made a comeback late last year, Hisarlisong displayed good performance throughout January and was in charge of scoring for his team during Son’s absence. He scored four goals in six matches in December, and five in four league matches in January. Hisarlisong was also seen as a result of his improved performance, especially his scoring ability.

Expectations are high for Hisharlisong in the upcoming match against Brighton and Hove Albion. Tottenham is seeking revenge in this match because it was defeated by Brighton in December, and it is expected that Hisharlisong, who has recently come up with a form, will be a troubleshooter.

As such, public opinion and assessment of Hisharlisong have reversed. The British newspaper The Athletic noted Hisharlisong, saying, “He changed from a player who couldn’t adapt to his team to a scoring machine. He seemed not the right player for manager Anji Postecoglou’s system, but now he is a near-perfect striker in that system.”

The media said that after years of patience and growth, the song has become what it is now. After convening the Brazil national team in September last year, Hisharlisong shed tears and talked about his difficulties. He also expressed his willingness to overcome the difficulties, saying, “I will ask for psychological help on the spot.” 마카오카지노

Since then, Hisharlison has made every effort to overcome mental difficulties, and Tottenham has also actively supported Hisharlison to return to her former self at the club level. In the meantime, Hisharlison gradually recovered through psychological treatment. He also sweated to improve physically to improve his performance.