9 February 2024

SSG 2nd team coach Son Si-heon said, “You’ll show a lot of new faces.”

By pestfood.com

Starting this year, SSG will gradually change its generation. The importance of nurturing has increased in the current level of performance. After the 2023 season ends, SSG is laying the foundation for nurturing with new coach Son Si-heon of the Futures (second division) team.

SSG Futures team players will leave for Taiwan on the 15th and start off-season training. Coach Sohn said, “Future team players need to prepare more to win the competition with the first-tier players. We plan to continue intensive training in Taiwan.”

Since Son was appointed as the SSG second-tier coach in November last year, he has devoted time to understanding the skills of the Futures team players.

“Since last year’s closing camp, we have focused on the process of identifying each player’s skills and creating his own training routine,” he said. “We have focused on making preparations for our team’s vulnerable positions of first base, second base and catcher, and in the case of infielders, we have set the direction to play various positions together to increase the utilization of the first team.”

Coach Sohn said, “My goal is to enhance the sense of the Futures team players in the upcoming camp as soon as possible. The first team players who are currently training in Florida will move to Taiwan on the 25th to hold the second camp, and the top priority is to cultivate players who will join the first team camp.

“The first-team players will join Taiwan on the 25th,” Son said. “The Futures team should finish preparing for the actual battle,” adding, “Only then will the team be invited to the event by the first-team coaches.”

“Coach Lee Sung-yong said that all players will start the season equally. During the Taiwan camp, the Futures team asked me to recommend a player who could join the first team,” he said. “Although the Futures team started, I hope the players will prepare better as they have a chance to be called by the first team.” 라바카지노주소

Finally, coach Sohn said, “My first goal is to play baseball that can be loved by fans,” and asked for support, “I want to discover new faces in the Futures team and present a lot of ‘new faces’ that fans expect.”