8 February 2024

“Our juniors are also Taegeuk marks.” The hope of the national team’s backbone, “Korea Landers.”

By pestfood.com

“Our juniors should also go to the national team.”

“KK” Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG) expressed his commitment to his juniors. With the Korean national team undergoing a successful generational change, there are relatively few SSG players. He fully urged them to work harder. I hope they become the national team Landers.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who is participating in the 2024 spring camp in Florida, the U.S., said, “Our juniors are paying attention. However, I don’t think we did a good job. We need to do better and become stars. Don’t other teams have one or two young players? They get paid a lot and participated in the national team.”

The year 2023 is special for Korean baseball. It won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and the runner-up prize at the Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). In particular, it is important that the team formed a team of young players to produce results.

The Hangzhou national team consists of players who were born in 1998 or who have joined the team for four years or less as a professional player. Two players participated in the SSG. They are Park Sung-han and Jihoon Choi.

Since then, three players have been selected for the APBC national team. Oh Won-seok, Cho Byung-hyun, and Jihoon Choi went. Oh Won-seok and Jihoon Choi were selected in the first place. Cho was on the preliminary entry list. LG-KT players failed to make it to the national team as they played the Korean Series, and were selected as substitutes.

Relatively, SSG players did not receive much attention. Moon Dong-ju, who played as the ace of the national team, became the top star. High school student Jang Hyun-seok also showed the power of a fire bowler. Shortstop Kim Joo-won started as a backup and started as a starter at all.

Kwak resolved his frustration by failing to take the mound in Hangzhou through APBC. Won Tae-in also displayed strong performance in Hangzhou and Tokyo. Lee Eui-ri also displayed good pitching at Tokyo Dome.

It would have been nice if there was someone who was on par with them in the SSG as well. Oh Won-seok played against Japan at the APBC and blocked it well with one inning without allowing any runs. However, his role was not that big.

Kim Kwang-hyun said, “I’m coming from other teams, but I don’t think I’m on my team yet. I hope some of them come out. There is a Premier 12 in November this year. Since then, there have been international competitions. I hope I can continue to be selected for the national team and continue to grow as I gain experience.”

“I threw a lot in the national team as well. I hope our juniors will have a lot of experience like that. I hope I get an opportunity. You have to do well in order to do so. I will do well in the team as well. That way, even if I give advice to my juniors, it won’t work,” he added.

“For young players, one postseason game and one national team game give them an opportunity to gain as much experience as 10 games. With just one game, players and teams will develop as well. Korean baseball can develop as well. I hope that Korean players will play there often as well.” 월카지노주소

Kim Kwang-hyun is a player who discusses the best ever when it comes to the “Taegeuk mark.” He participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2009 World Baseball Classic (WBC), 2014 Incheon Asian Games, 2015 World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Premier 12, 2019 Premier 12, and 2023 WBC.