8 February 2024

Busquets Stomped On His Ankle During Game, Inter Miami ‘Emergency’ Due to Major Player Injuries

By pestfood.com

Inter Miami, which conducted an offseason tour with Messi and popular players, started the new season with anxiety due to the player’s injury.
Inter Miami’s Sergio Busquets was replaced after suffering a foot injury in last season’s J1 League champions Vissel Kobe’s friendly match at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the 7th.

Busquets extended his left foot toward the ball around the 17th minute, blocking the entry route of Kobe, who was driving the ball into the attack, but in the meantime, Osako’s right foot, which kicked the ball in front of him, stepped on Busquets’ ankle. Busquets, who fell with his ankle bent and grabbed the injured part, was eventually replaced by Janik Bright and went out of the stadium.

Fortunately, he seems to have avoided the worst by standing up and walking out on his own, but Busquets’ injury to Inter Miami, which is not a small number of key players, means a gap in the main midfield, so it is a crisis for a team preparing for the opening of the MLS 2024 season two weeks away.
Meanwhile, in the game, they lost 3:4 in the penalty shootout, which was held without a match during regular time, and lost the victory to Vissel Kobe. 꽁머니지급

Sun-chuk’s Bissel Kobe seemed to have an advantage after Inter Miami’s Jordi Alba scored after the penalty shootout failure of No. 3 kicker Hotaru Yamaguchi, but in a 3:3 situation, Kobe succeeded in two of the last three, while Miami allowed Robert Taylor, Noah Allen and Gregorre to turn the tables, all failing to score.

Lionel Messi, who did not play due to an adductor injury in the match against Hong Kong XI, was replaced by David Luiz in the 15th minute of the second half and appeared on the field.