8 February 2024

Barca Wants ‘Dribble King’ Il Ace… Considering Swap Deal With ‘Second Messi’

By pestfood.com

Barcelona are interested in Mittoma Kaoru.

Mitoma is a Japanese winger. He is a crack-type player who uses fast speed and anomalous dribbling, and cannot easily stop him on days when he is in good condition. He did not have much influence in the beginning due to his rough touch compared to his dribbling skills, but he has been steadily growing and making up for his weaknesses.

After distinguishing himself in his country’s league, he made it to the European stage in the 2021-22 season. He moved to Brighton in the Premier League, but he went to Belgium on loan for one season. Joining Winion Saint-Gilloise in his first year as a member of the club, he performed well in 29 matches, including the Cup, scoring eight goals and four assists.

He returned to Brighton afterwards. He was just a bench resource under Graham Potter, but his position changed as Roberto De Chervi took the helm. Under De Chervi, Mitoma has grown into one of the key players. In the 2022-23 season alone, he has grown into a quality winger with seven goals and six assists in 33 games, and has been linked to Manchester United and other clubs.

He has maintained a solid position this season as well. Some critics say his dribbling success rate is somewhat lower than that of last season, but he still maintains the record with three goals and six assists in 24 games including cup competitions.

As a result, the team has become a target. Ferran Correas of Sport, a Spanish media outlet, said that Barcelona is interested in recruiting Mitoma. 라바카지노

Barcelona is even planning to include Ansu Fati in Mitoma’s deal. Fati was once considered the next Messi, but he has not grown as much as expected due to frequent injuries and has been on loan at Brighton this season. Since joining the club, he has steadily gained experience, but recently missed out on an injury sustained for about two months and returned through a previous match against Crystal Palace.

The reason for including the party in the deal is clear. Because he cannot afford Mitoma’s entire ransom due to his financial problems. Based on the soccer statistics magazine “Transfermarkt,” Mitoma is valued at 50 million euros. This is an amount that Barcelona could never pay.