7 February 2024

“Winning the League Cup is a nightmare.” Chelsea are struggling with financial problems… due to UEFA’s strict rules

By pestfood.com

Chelsea still have a chance to win the trophy this season. However, we cannot guarantee that it is a better thing to win the trophy.

England’s The Sun noted the Chelsea situation on the 6th (Korea time), saying, “The reason why winning the League Cup could be the worst thing Mauricio Pochettino has done at Chelsea is because of unknown rules.”

Chelsea F.C. has suffered severe slump in the league this season. It has sought to improve its team’s physical constitution by appointing Mauricio Pochettino and investing huge amounts of money for transferring players, but has not seen its performance rebound easily. As the 11th-ranked team in the league, the team allowed four goals per game in the last two games, falling apart.

Still, Chelsea still has a chance to win the trophy despite the slump in the league. Chelsea has advanced to the final of the League Cup by beating Newcastle in the quarterfinals and Middlesbrough in the semifinals. The fact that Chelsea’s opponent is Liverpool, the leader of the English Premier League this season, is a major stumbling block, but there are many variables to conclude that the outcome of the match is a single-game final.

The problem is that this opportunity could backfire. If Chelsea beats Liverpool in the final and lifts the trophy, another problem could hit Chelsea.

The Sun said, “There are questions about the possibility that a victory at Wembley could cause Chelsea more financial problems. What concerns Chelsea more is that they will have to abide by UEFA’s stricter fiscal rules if they qualify for the European Championship. Otherwise, they will face even more serious punishment.”

Winning the League Cup final will qualify Chelsea for the Europa Conference League in the 2024-2025 season with the trophy.

In this case, Chelsea must comply with UEFA regulations. The Sun predicted that only £10 million of spending would be available given the current wage bill, and that only £34 million would be allowed in the accounting for 2023 and 2024, which is inevitably difficult for Chelsea, who spent a huge amount of player transfer money. 라바카지노주소

In the end, Chelsea has to put everything into winning the League Cup in order to achieve the season’s performance and advance to the European competition, but it is not certain how the victory will return in the next transfer market.

Pochettino and Chelsea have had a series of crises at every turn of the season. “It may sound strange, but Chelsea’s move to the Europa Conference League could be a nightmare and frustrate their hopes of signing for the summer transfer window,” said The Sun.