7 February 2024

“Son Heung-min’s absence did not affect Tottenham much.” BBC “Son Heung-min must quickly adapt to the new reality of a stronger club.”

By pestfood.com

It was evaluated that Son Heung-min’s absence did not affect Tottenham much.
“Son Heung-min’s participation in the Asian Cup ended with Korea losing in the semifinals against Jordan,” BBC Potts of England said on the 7th (Korea time). “He will return to Tottenham soon. So what kind of Tottenham will he return to?”

BBC reported, “His last match was against Bournemouth on New Year’s Eve. James Maddison was still injured, and Son Heung-min, the spine of his team, was drafted into the Asian Cup. The transfer window was going to open and the FA Cup was going to take place,” adding, “Now the FA Cup is not a concern anymore. It can be disappointing, but in another way, it can be liberation, right?”

“For Son Heung-min, who has devoted himself to the national team for weeks, it can be positive to play only one game a week from now on. In the transfer window, Tottenham has strengthened their squad by signing Radu Dragushin and Timo Werner. In addition, influential players such as Madison and Mickey van de Ben have returned from injury,” Son said. “Perhaps the most surprising thing to observe on his return is that his absence did not affect the club’s performance as much as expected.” 꽁머니지급

“He scored four goals during Son’s absence, and he will try to take the central striker’s position again,” he said. “He will return to Tottenham, where he is stronger and more focused than when he left. He needs to quickly adapt to the new reality.”

Son scored 12 league goals before being called up to the Asian Cup.

Tottenham is currently fifth in the league, the same as when Son Heung-min left.