7 February 2024

“In contrast to Klinsmann’s laughter, players’ tears” … Klinsmann seen by ESPN

By pestfood.com

Global sports media “ESPN” said coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s smile contrasts with the attitude of Korean players who cry.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Klinsmann, lost 0-2 in the semi-final of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup against Jordan at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Alayan, Qatar, on the 7th (Korea time).

It was a shocking loss. Korea is ranked 23rd in the FIFA rankings, while Jordan is ranked 87th. Korea kneeled down after a gruesome match against a team that is 64 notches above the FIFA rankings. After finishing the first half 0-0, Korea allowed Yazan Alnaimat to score the first goal in the eighth minute of the second half, and submitted an additional goal to Jordan’s ace Moussa Altamari in the 21st minute of the second half. Korea, which had no shot on goal at all, ended its Asian Cup schedule with a complete defeat of 0-2.

The team failed to resolve its 64-year wait to win the Asian Cup. This time, the Korean team is called the “golden generation,” and was expected to resolve Korea’s disappointment that it had not won the Asian Cup for 64 years since 1960. However, the Korean team, which was shaken from the group stage, showed its problems even after entering the tournament, and was eventually eliminated in the semifinals.

Naturally, the atmosphere of the national soccer team is at its worst. All soccer players, including captain Son Heung-min, left the stadium with their heads lowered. Notably, Son stood on the ground for a long time with a disappointed look on his face after the match. He seemed to have hard time accepting the results of his near-worst performance, defeat against Jordan, and elimination of the semifinals of the championship.

Son was not the only one. Leaving the ground and the bench, some players shed tears after the game. They seemed to have mixed feelings of frustration at the Asian summit for the first time in 64 years and helpless defeat. Their emotions were clearly different from those they shed after a dramatic victory over Saudi Arabia in the round of 16 and Australia in the round of 8.

Still, Klinsmann laughed. When the whistle blew at the end of the game, Klinsmann approached the players on the ground smiling. Players had to calm down for a while without leaving the stadium, but Klinsmann smiled and greeted the players and Jordanian soccer officials. 월카지노주소

Klinsmann said, “It’s natural for me to congratulate the winning team with a better performance. If it means I shouldn’t celebrate with a smile, it’s a different approach.”

“Coach Klinsmann was seen congratulating Jordan with a smile after his team lost, drawing anger from Korean fans and reporters,” said the global sports media ESPN. “It was especially contrasting with some Korean players shedding tears on the field.”