6 February 2024

“Why did you join Lingard FC Seoul? I just want to play soccer again… I have no other purpose.”

By pestfood.com

Jesse Lingard (32) came to Korea to play soccer. His background in Korea instead of other European leagues or Saudi Arabia is known.

Lingard exited the entry gate through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 5th. Lingard, who appeared at the arrival hall, wore a black hat and black top and bottom, but nevertheless appeared in colorful fashion, receiving cheers from about 200 fans who visited the arrival hall.

Lingard appeared at the arrival hall and waved to his fans. He carried his luggage in one hand and put it down in front of the barricade, and signed autographs and photos for all the fans who wanted him.

He took pictures with a bright expression and signed autographs, boasting excellent fan service.

Lingard accepted fan service at one place, and then proceeded to do so again at the other. After about two to three minutes of fan service, he moved his feet to move to the vehicle prepared by the club.

At that moment, fans and media followed Lingard, causing chaos for an instant. There were many bodyguards around him, but it was difficult to easily control a larger number of fans.

Lingard fortunately came out and moved to the hotel in a vehicle prepared by the Seoul club. Leaving without a separate interview, he will take a rest and conduct a medical test prepared by the club on the 6th. If there is nothing wrong, he will sign a contract with Seoul and become a K-League player.

Why did Lingard come to FC Seoul after shaking off many love calls.

A person involved in his transfer appeared at Incheon International Airport on the same day and met with reporters, emphasizing that his trip to Seoul was in the development of a pure soccer player.

“He wants to sign a contract with Seoul and play soccer again,” a source said on the scene. “I have no other purpose,” he said, explaining why he chose Seoul. “According to people who met Lingard, he has a mischievous image, but he is more innocent than expected. He is a pure young man who is more playful than a mischievous man,” he said.

Lingard has expanded his career to become a businessman in addition to players. He launched the clothing brand “J-rings” and acquired the e-sports club R6 game team in 2021, launching and operating J-rings e-sports. 마카오카지노도메인

There have been suspicions in many ways that entering Korea may have various purposes, but a transfer official explained that the best place to declare a revival as a soccer player is Korea, especially FC Seoul, which is based in the capital.