6 February 2024

“Alien” Ronaldinho to Manchester United? “I met him and he felt weird.” Behind the scenes revealed by the former Manchester United CEO

By pestfood.com

Former Manchester United CEO David Gill explained why he could not recruit Ronaldinho in the past.

British Sports Bible said on the 6th (Korea time), “Gil confessed why the club did not feel good about Ronaldinho during the negotiations for his transfer to Manchester United.”

Ronaldinho, Brazil’s top soccer star, formed the “3R” trio with Ronaldo and Rivaldo at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, leading Brazil to its fifth career championship.

Ronaldinho, who was a member of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France at the time, was a holy man who received worldwide attention, and received even greater Guam as his performance at the World Cup was added.

One of the teams that showed interest in Ronaldinho was Manchester United. Manchester United, which sought to recruit a star player to fill the gap of ace David Beckham after moving to Real Madrid, approached Ronaldinho.

Sports Bible said, “Ronaginho, who was playing for PSG in the summer of 2003, was likely to join Manchester United with a transfer fee of 19 million pounds (about 31.8 billion won).”

In fact, another Brazilian midfielder Cleverson, who joined Manchester United in the summer of 2003, said, “I talked a lot about Manchester United with Ronaldinho. When I asked him, ‘What do you think about Manchester United’s going to sign us?’ Ronaldinho replied, ‘Of course I should go! Manchester United? Very good, it’s a big club.’ Ronaldinho said he used to tell me, ‘Let’s go to Manchester’ or ‘Come to Manchester’.”

However, Ronaldinho did not move to Manchester United. He chose Barcelona, a prestigious Spanish club, instead of Manchester United. Cleverson said, “I don’t know why Ronaldinho didn’t choose Manchester United, but if Ronaldinho was there, it would have been much easier to adapt.”

Sports Bible explained, “After weeks of intense rumors, Ronaldinho decided to sign for the Catalan giant. This raised a lot of questions from Manchester United fans at the time, and they were convinced that the club possessed the best talent in the world.”

About 20 years later, former CEO David Gill confessed about the transfer process at the time.

Gil, who appeared on a podcast hosted by Manchester United legend defender Rio Ferdinand, said, “When Ronaldinho was at PSG, we went to Paris and negotiated with the agent, and almost agreed on the amount.” 월카지노도메인

However, he was not convinced. “I didn’t get a good feeling. Barcelona was showing interest, and I had enough conversations to know if I really wanted Ronaldinho to come to Manchester United,” Gil said. “I probably would have caught him without Barcelona. But Barcelona was his first choice. There was everything we couldn’t do,” Gil said, explaining that as soon as he met Ronaldinho, he felt that he would not come to Manchester United.