5 February 2024

Oh Seung-hwan’s unfamiliar internal competition, “I only think about winning the team.”

By pestfood.com

“The closing pitcher competition? I only think about winning the team.”

Oh Seung-hwan (42), who boasts 400 saves in total in the KBO League, faced an awkward experience this year. Having been an undisputed closer to Samsung since his debut in 2005, Oh is facing an internal competition ahead of the new season.

Last winter, Samsung added two new closing pitchers. After recruiting Kim Jae-yoon (33), the closing pitcher with 169 saves in the KT Wiz, as a free agent, Samsung embraced Lim Chang-min (38), who recorded 122 saves with the NC Dinos and Kiwoom Heroes. Samsung, which also included Oh Seung-hwan as an internal FA, secured three closing pitchers to strengthen its back door.

“It is better to select a closing pitcher to run a season. Before the season starts, we will divide the order and roles of pitchers in the team.” Three players are competing for the final spot.

“Internal competition” is unfamiliar to Oh, who has held an unchanging final position for 13 seasons (excluding overseas activities) since his debut. Oh made 30 saves in 58 games last year, but his ERA was 3.45. Compared to last year’s ERA of 2.60 with Kim Jae-yoon (32) in saves, and 2.51 with Lim Chang-min (26) in the two-point range, the record is somewhat sluggish. Oh’s performance is not as good as the two-point ERAs. Competition is inevitable.

However, Oh did not pay much attention to the competition system. “In good faith, internal competition is essential for a team to strengthen,” Oh said at a meeting in Okinawa, Japan on Tuesday. “I am preparing (for the new season) with more focus on my team’s victory than on thinking about competition. I will do my best to prepare for any position.”

When asked about his record of more than 400 saves, he said, “Good players have come to the team, and now it’s time to make a big difference. Team wins are more important than personal records. I will only focus on team wins.”

He is building his body at Ishikawa Stadium, where the second-tier camp is being held, not Okinawa Onnason Akama Stadium in Japan, where the first-tier camp is currently being held. As a veteran, he is raising his condition in the second-tier camp with players such as Baek Jung-hyun, Jang Pil-joon, and Kim Dae-woo, with the consideration of the club to make himself comfortable. 라바카지노도메인

Rookie players such as Yuk Sun-yeop and Park Jun-yong are also throwing balls here. Training with Oh will be of great help. “It’s like a dream to work out with senior players like Oh. I haven’t approached them yet, but I want to ask them a lot before joining the main league,” Yuk said.

“I don’t have much advice for my juniors, but I try to naturally lead the mood and relieve it (as a rookie). I try to talk to them a lot even when it’s hard,” Oh said.