4 February 2024

“Second half OUT” Kubo didn’t accept the change of coach… “I’m coming up, but I think I lost it quickly.”

By pestfood.com

Takefusa Kubo (22) expressed regret over the timing of the replacement.

The Japanese national soccer team lost 1-2 in the quarterfinals of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asia Cup Qatar 2023 against Iran at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar on the 3rd (Korea time).

The two teams staged a tight race from the very beginning. The race proceeded fiercely as both Japan and Iran did not back down. They also committed fouls frequently from the beginning.

The first team to take the lead was Japan. In the 27th minute of the first half, the ball came to the front from the back, and Ueda passed to Morita. Morita drove the ball into the box, peeled off a defender and scored with a right footed shot.

However, the mood changed as Iran launched a fierce counterattack. Eventually, Azumun passed the ball to Mohebi who penetrated into the back space of the Japanese defense at the ninth minute of the second half, who scored the equalizer with a neat right-footed shot.

The score of 1-1 lasted until extra time in the second half. Iran won a penalty kick (PK) just before the extra time. As Kahnani fell over by Itakuri’s tackle, PK was declared, and Jahanbakhsi, who played as a kicker, scored, Iran won a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

Kubo started as an attacking midfielder again on the day. However, he failed to display stellar performance due to strong pressure from Iran. At the seventh minute in the second half, his right foot shot significantly escaped from the chance to score, which was regrettable. Consequently, Coach Moriyasu Hajime made changes when he excluded Kubo and deployed Mitoma at the 25th minute in the second half.

After the match, Kubo said in the mixed zone, “I played well in the first half. I didn’t think I would lose, but the flow was not good in the second half. I had difficulty in responding to the opponent’s long ball. There is a regret that I should have played while maintaining the ball more. I suffered from Iran’s play. I think I need to reflect on myself.” 헤라카지노도메인

Regarding the missed scoring opportunity, he explained, “The play went as I thought, but the accuracy of the right-footed shot was insufficient.”

Kubo also expressed his thoughts on the replacement situation. “I think I played the best in this tournament. My physical condition was getting better and better. It’s not something I can say, but I think the timing of the replacement was a little early,” Kubo expressed regret.