4 February 2024

MBTI ‘F’ is certain → “Everything is more than expected” Strength competitiveness → Should I delete NC 1st starter reservation Castano or Pedi

By pestfood.com

“Everything is more than expected.”

Indeed, he is the most adaptable player (甲). Some players say in unison, “I feel like we have been together for many years.” This means that he is highly friendly. This is the story of Daniel Castano (30), a foreign pitcher who reserved the first starting pitcher for the NC Dinosaurs for this season. It has been only three days since the spring camp started, but Castano has become a popular figure in the NC Dinosaurs. He said he had never taken the MBTI (personality type test), but his personality F (personality type that puts more emphasis on close relationships with people) seems certain.

Castano met at Enex Field in Tucson Reed Park, Arizona, where the NC Spring Camp is underway on the 3rd (local time) and expressed his feelings about participating in the camp and his expectations and goals for the KBO League.

“Everything has exceeded my expectations so far,” Castano said, adding, “Everything was good, including consideration for me and my family at the club, and everything the coaches treat me is beyond my expectations. It’s been three days now, and I’m having so much fun.”

He has already become a popular player at the NC Dinosaurs. If strangers see him, he seems to have built a friendship for decades.

Castano said, “NC players are so nice to me. Especially, Lee Yong-chan, the oldest player in the pitching team, told me a lot of things and told me to come and help me whenever I need help.” Lee Jae-hak also talks about each other’s family and treats each other like a human being. “The funniest friend is Han Jae-seung.” “Han Jae-seung’s nickname is Terminator, and he seems to be responsible for the atmosphere in the pitching team. I’m having so much fun because of them,” he added.

What is the secret of such sociability? He chose “understanding and empathy.” He was definitely an “F” in his MBTI test.

When asked about his MBTI, Castano said, “I have never tried it. I want to try it when I come back to Korea. I think my wife will like it.” He said with a smile, “I always treat people with modesty. Also, I try to understand and empathize with others when talking, so I think I can get close quickly. I need to know Korean players and culture well, so I am approaching them first and talking to them.”

He heard about the KBO league from Eric Peddy, who wrote “20 wins, 209K” at the NC Dinosaurs last year. He said that he had no direct relationship with Peddy, but that he contacted his acquaintance for advice.

Castano said, “Before I came to the camp, I heard about the KBO from Pedi. I don’t know each other, but I met him as an opponent team before, and my close colleague was a friend of Pedi’s, so I connected him and met him,” adding, “He told me about his life in Korea, and Korean hitters are calm and don’t fear bats even if they get fouled. I told him he needed to be more aggressive.”

NC`s coach has Castano as the first starter for this season. The team will closely monitor and confirm the results during the upcoming camp. Castano checked by throwing 32 pitches in the first bullpen session. His main weapon was cutter, changeup, and strength was competitive, and his bullpen session was also satisfactory. 꽁머니사이트

“It was my first bullpen session and I was satisfied with it. I threw 32 pitches, but my pace is rising so well that I can throw more than that,” he said. “My strength is competitiveness. I enjoy competition. My main pitching type was cutter, and I loved changeups in the offseason. I want to throw changeups right now. I have confidence,” he said. “I’m also sharpening my curveball now.”

Finally, Castano said, “I want to be an MVP in the league like Pedi, but this is my second prize,” adding, “My first goal is to do my best. If everyone wins and wins as a team, the prize will naturally follow. I can’t wait to play in front of Changwon fans and present them with victory.”