4 February 2024

“I didn’t expect to play for my hometown team…” Last-minute spurt of “Veteran” catcher who wore his first hometown team uniform in 17 years as a professional

By pestfood.com

“I’m happy that I can finish where I first started playing baseball.”

SSG Landers succeeded in recruiting a veteran catcher ahead of this season. It is Lee Ji-young. “We acquired catcher Lee Ji-young in a trade with the Kiwoom Heroes on the condition of 250 million won in cash and the right to appoint a rookie in the third round in 2025,” SSG said on April 12.

Lee Ji-young, who was a free agent, signed a two-year contract worth 400 million won (350 million won per year and 50 million won option) with Kiwoom, before being traded to SSG. Lee will make a fresh start at his new club through sign-and-trade.

Lee graduated from elementary, middle and high school in Incheon. She first started playing baseball at Seohwa Elementary School and dreamed of becoming a baseball player at Shinheung Middle School and Jemulpo High School. However, she never played with a pro team affiliated with Incheon. After going to Kyungsung University, she joined the Samsung Lions in 2008 as a training player and entered the professional league, before moving to Kiwoom in a trade in the 2019 season to continue her career.

He will join his hometown team for the first time in 17 years. “I even went to high school in Incheon. Other than that, I was not nominated in college and was tested by the SK Wyverns (now SSG), and I have a close relationship,” Lee said. “I never thought that I would play baseball in my hometown team, but I am excited and afraid that I will be able to finish where I first started. It is the place where I first started playing baseball.”

“I’m happy that I can play baseball. I’m thinking of playing the last baseball with joy,” he said.

There is a big change in the SSG catcher’s team this season. Veteran catcher Lee Jae-won wore a Hanwha Eagles uniform, and Lee Heung-ryeon made a fresh start as a power analyst. Park Dae-on and Shin Bum-soo, who joined through the second draft, and Lee Ji-young also came through a trade. Lee Ji-young will compete with Kim Min-sik, Cho Hyung-woo, Park Dae-on and Shin Bum-soo.

“Chance is something that I have to seize. I have to compete with players in some areas. But SSG wants me to upgrade younger catchers even though I am competing. I will do the same,” Lee said.

I will lead young catchers with actions rather than words. “I think it would be better to tell them when they ask and show them how to do it, not just stand behind them,” Lee said. “I think it would be better to show them with actions rather than stories.” 라바카지노주소

Lee Ji-young’s goal this season is to play the most when he said, “Players are always the happiest and most fun when they play a lot.” “When I first came to the school and played half and half, I said I would do it in my own way, but after playing a lot last year, I felt that I was the happiest when I played a lot on the ground,” he said. “That’s why my goal is to play the most games.”