4 February 2024

Baek Seung-ho makes his debut five days after moving to Birmingham City… The team lost 0-1

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She announced her return to the European stage.

Birmingham City lost 0-1 to West Bromwich Albion in the 30th round of the 2023-2024 season of the English Football League (EFL) Championship (second division) at West Bromwich The Hawthorns on the 4th (Korea time).

Paik played as a substitute in the 22nd minute of the second half. He replaced midfielder Miyoshi Koji. He stayed there until the end of the game.

It was a short time to show something. He had to be satisfied that he made his debut just five days after joining the club. Birmingham City swallowed up the disappointment by losing the final point to Andreisa Weimann in the 40th minute of the second half. Birmingham City, with eight wins, eight draws, 13 losses and 32 points, ranked 19th in the league. It is far from being promoted to the Premier League.

Baek Seung-ho has successfully returned to Europe. Birmingham City announced the recruitment of Baek Seung-ho through its official website on Jan. 30. “I am pleased to announce the recruitment of Baek,” he said.

The contract period is 2 years and 6 months until June 2026. Baek Seung-ho has a number 13 on the moon.

Birmingham City is a member of the English Championship (minor league). Its manager is Tony Mowbray. In the past, he coached Kim Doo-hyun at West Bromwich Albion. Since he has a strong reputation for Korean players, he has high expectations for Baek Seung-ho. He can play well in both attacking and central midfielders.

Coach Tony Mowbray showed his expectations even before the official announcement of the recruitment of Baek Seung-ho. On January 29, he hinted at Baek Seung-ho with the second recruitment of the winter transfer market through the British media “Birmingham Live.” Regarding Baek Seung-ho, he drew attention by listing only his strengths, “He runs in front of me and knows how to shoot from afar. He is good at passing and runs around all the time.”

Baek expressed his feelings about joining Birmingham City through social networking service. “I am truly happy and excited to be a member of Birmingham City. I can’t wait to start playing soccer. My dream was to play soccer in England from the moment I started playing soccer in my childhood. I was really happy to hear that Birmingham was my interest in the club. I have known this club since I was young. I have talked with the manager and management and decided to come here,” Baek said.

He also formed a deep consensus with Mowbray. “I had conversations about what the coach thought of me and how I would present my plan in my management plan. I thought it would be good in every aspect,” Baek explained.

He has always been evaluated as a rising star and scored a goal in the round of 16 match against Brazil at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Although he had mixed feelings in setting various directions, he now has the opportunity to properly challenge himself. “I played in Spain and Germany. I felt that my relationship with the coach was really important. It was really relaxing to talk to him. He also showed great motivation. That’s why I came here,” Baek said.

Birmingham lost to Leicester City in the round of 32 strongest teams at the FA Cup, which was recently held. Baek Seung-ho will play only in the league. He remains in the 20th place with 32 points. He is seven points shorter than the 22nd-ranked Queens Park Rangers (25 points), which have been demoted in the first (tertiary league). At the same time, he can catch up with Cardiff City (37 points), which ranks 14th, by a margin of five points. He can hardly afford to catch up with Coventry (43 points), who ranks sixth, the Maginot Line for promotion, but if he continues his winning streak, the situation could change.

The championship consists of 24 teams. It has a whopping 46 matches. It is Birmingham, which has played 28 matches. This means that Baek will be able to play many matches in the second half of the year. If he gets more experience, he will be able to reunite with the A national team, which he has moved away from for a while. 마카오카지노주소

For Baek, he will re-enter Europe for the first time in three years. Baek, who made his K-League debut through Jeonbuk Hyundai in March 2021, fulfilled all his contracts and became a free agent this winter. Longing for a re-challenge to Europe, Baek chose to go to England, a bit unfamiliar.

To Baek, Europe is a familiar stage. Since childhood, Baek has been active in Europe. When he joined Spain’s prestigious Barcelona youth team, he drew keen attention. He moved up to Barcelona B team and was sometimes called to join the first-team training. It is true that Luis Enrique, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, often called Baek Seung-ho as his training partner when he was young.