3 February 2024

Peach Clark, ML’s biggest topic in the “I’m a Party” camp, has more than 750 violations, and the pitcher’s instep is running out

By pestfood.com

Habits and routines accumulated over the years should be changed. The situation was the same in the Major League Baseball, and the KBO League cannot avoid a transition period. Even if the standard was relaxed by three seconds compared to the ML, the KBO League did not have a pilot operation in the lower leagues like the ML. The system will be applied in earnest from the second half, but preparations should be made in advance. This is the story of Peach Clark, which has emerged as the biggest spring camp topic.

Now, just like basketball, baseball’s stopwatch turns every moment. Those who enter the batter’s box and the pitcher on the mound are eligible for batting preparation. A batter must complete preparation for batting at the batter’s box within eight seconds. A pitcher must start pitching motion within 23 seconds of Yuju-ja-si and 18 seconds of Muju-ja-si. If a pitcher violates the rule, one strike count goes up for a batter and one ball count goes up for a pitcher. The KBO League has adopted the pitch clock system implemented by ML last year.

This does not apply to the opening game of the 2024 season on March 23. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on “Pitch Clock” that it will test run until the first half and start operation from the second half. The clock ticks from the first half, but penalties for violation of regulations start from the second half. With the first half as adjustment period, a new system can be introduced in earnest from the second half.

Still, they should prepare in advance. From a pitcher’s point of view, it is best to establish a new pitching routine at camp while preparing for a season. It is almost impossible to suddenly engage in pitching training at a faster tempo than before during the season. That’s why there is a pitch clock in each club’s camp bullpen.

The problem is that from a pitcher’s point of view, it is not as easy as it is to adapt to the pitch clock. There is a high probability that there will be a pitcher who has a hard time adapting, although it varies from pitcher to pitcher.

The same happened to ML as well. Veteran pitchers had more difficulty adjusting to pitch clock. Young pitchers experienced pitch clock pilot operation when they were in the Minor League, but veteran pitchers who played for a long time in the big leagues had to adapt to changes without pilot operation. During the exhibition game last year, there were also scenes that made people laugh due to pitch clock. The game ended in the ninth inning when the game was decided due to pitch clock violation.

Players in the KBO League are also aware of this. This is why they started training for adaptation before the camp. Some teams have started training for adaptation to the pitch clock since the last year’s closing camp.

Before the camp in Australia, Kia veteran pitcher Yang Hyun-jong said, “I turned the stopwatch on the basis of the video I have thrown so far. I sometimes felt it,” adding, “A pitcher has to throw in the desired balance to be more likely to become a strike. If a pitcher throws a ball under pressure from time, he or she may have difficulty throwing a strike or a powerful ball.” 라바카지노주소

ML had more than 750 cases of pitcher pitch clock violations last year. The KBO League cannot be free from violations. Interestingly, there were big differences between clubs. Pittsburgh had 41 innings, while Seattle had only 6 innings. The difference between the club with the most pitcher pitch clock violations and the club with the least violations was very large.