3 February 2024

‘King without hands’… “What a day like this!” Tottenham’s worst recruitment → Tottenham’s owner of the attack, the best praise since the transfer! “SON has gone and Hishalisson has come.”

By pestfood.com

It’s “King without hands.” Since Son Heung-min is not here, Hishalisson is the king.

Recently, Hisalisson has been in his best form since moving to Tottenham. Obviously, it is 180 degrees different from last season.

Last season, Hishalisson played for Tottenham Hotspur F.C. with a whopping 60 million pounds (101.4 billion won) at Everton. Expectations were high. However, such expectations turned into disappointment. Hishalisson only had one goal in the English Premier League last season. In total, he had only three goals.

Hishal Song was under fire. Many experts and Tottenham fans called it the “worst recruitment” in Tottenham’s history. Hishal Song was also included at the top of EPL’s worst recruitment list last season.

But he has changed surprisingly this season. He was silent because of an injury early in the season, but is exploding after returning from injury. And with ace and captain Son Heung-min gone for an Asian Cup call-up, Hishalisson is in even better shape. When Son Heung-min left, he asked Hishalisson for more goals, which he is doing.

Hisalisson scored in both league games after Son Heung-min left. He scored one goal in round 21 against Manchester United. The team played in a 2-2 draw. In round 22 against Brentford, he scored the come-from-behind winning goal and roared. Tottenham won 3-2.

The number of goals scored in this season’s league is eight. Compared to the previous season, he has scored eight times more goals. He also had three assists. Overall, he has nine goals. He is not the “hishalisson” from last season. He is truly the “king without hands.”

An expert who praised his song has appeared. He is Mika Ricci, who played as a defender for Manchester City in the past. A former member of the England national team, she is currently playing soccer as a soccer expert. 마카오카지노주소

“Tottenham lost Son to the Asian Cup. Tottenham must have been afraid of Son without him. Surprisingly, however, Tottenham is okay. In the absence of Son, Hishalisson is showing amazing performance,” Ricci said.

“Hishalisson is the player who has really improved in Son Heung-min’s absence. Hisalisson’s scoring has not stopped. Since Son Heung-min left, Hisalisson has come forward. Son Heung-min has gone, Hisalisson has come. It’s what Hisalisson is doing now. It’s great,” he stressed.