3 February 2024

Heechan has a long way to go before he comes back… He’s frustrated by the ‘failure to recruit ST’

By pestfood.com

Manager Gary O’Neill was frustrated that he failed to recruit a striker.

Wolverhampton Wanderers started to reinforce their strikers through the winter transfer market. Hwang Hee-chan, who is the “main striker” in the team this season, joined the national team to play in the Asian Cup, while Fabio Silva and Sasha Kalajić left the team on loan.

Wolverhampton has been involved with several players. Chelsea’s Armando Broja is the representative, and Jota Silva, Semi Kilicso and Chris Bedia are mentioned. In the end of the transfer market, Fulham also sought to recruit Carlos Vinicius.

However, nobody was brought in. Broja received a sign that he could move from Chelsea, but he ultimately chose to move to Fulham. Kilicso and Vedia also rejected offers from the club and players.

Despite the month-long move, O’Neill finished the game without any profit. As a result, O’Neill was frustrated. Johnny Phillips of British media “Express and Star” said, “O’Neill was frustrated that he could not recruit a striker. Fulham’s Vinicius was involved in the transfer to Wolverhampton, but he failed to cross the last line.”

O’Neill’s frustration is understandable. Currently, Matheus Cunha is the only striker available in Wolverhampton. Fortunately, Cunha has continued to play well, but it was inevitable for Wolverhampton to reinforce his striker as more diverse attacking routes were needed. 월카지노주소

Hwang Hee-chan’s return date has also been pushed back. Hwang Hee-chan’s return schedule is determined by South Korea’s Asian Cup performance, which advanced to the semifinals by winning against Australia in the last quarterfinals. The semifinal schedule is at 0 a.m. on the 7th (Korean time). If Hwang Hee-chan plays until the final, his return date will be the third week of February. In other words, assuming that Hwang Hee-chan advances to the final, Wolverhampton has to play the next two games without him.

The next two games are very tight. Wolverhampton will have a showdown with Chelsea in the league on April 4, and a home league game with Brentford on April 11.