30 January 2024

“I’m scared even half the time…” The monster MVP I watched with my mouth open, No. 1 on the watch list of ‘Pitcher Biggest’

By pestfood.com

“I saw that.”

Kim Jae-yoon (34, Samsung Lions) is set to make a new start this season.

Kim Jae-yoon has made more than 30 saves over the past three years as a top closing pitcher. Last year, he ranked second in saves with 5 wins, 5 losses, 32 saves and an ERA of 2.60 in 59 games.

Having qualified as an FA at the KT Wiz after the end of the season, he has emerged as a surefire way to strengthen his back door. His destination was the Samsung Lions, which he signed for a four-year total of 5.8 billion won (approx. This is the highest amount for a pitcher in the FA market.

KT holds its annual spring camp in Arizona, the U.S.A. Okinawa, Japan, where Samsung will hold its spring camp, is a strange land to Kim Jae-yoon.

“I’m very excited and worried. I think I’m going with a lot of subtle emotions,” said Kim Jae-yoon, who will depart for Japan on Thursday. “I think the first time is to get close to the players because I haven’t been able to adjust to the team. I know (Jang) Pil-jun and (Kim) Dong-yeop, but I don’t know many (players) as I thought. I think I need to get close quickly.”

Last year, Samsung ranked at the bottom of the league with a 5.16 ERA for team relievers. As such, it actively rushed to recruit Kim Jae-yoon.

Kim Jae-yoon also felt a special sense of responsibility as he was treated the most as a pitcher in the stove league. He said, “The head of the team actively came. I also got a really good treatment and went, and I’m grateful. As much as I receive a lot, I think I should do well this year. I worked hard every year, but this time I worked even harder. I made a good body not to disappoint you.”

Samsung signed a two-year contract with FA Lim Chang-min, who made 26 saves last year after Kim Jae-yoon, for a total of 800 million won. It also succeeded in keeping Oh Seung-hwan, an internal FA who made 30 saves last year, for a total of 2.2 billion won over two years.

Three closing pitchers alone. Samsung coach Park Jin-man predicted unlimited competition.

“I think every bullpen pitcher’s dream is to be a closing pitcher. I will do my best in any position,” Kim said. “But of course, I want to be a closing pitcher. The manager also said he would make decisions during the camp, so I will compete with him,” Kim said. “They are great seniors. I will try not to cause inconvenience to them because they are well harmonized.” 라바카지노주소

Meeting Oh Seung-hwan is special to Kim Jae-yoon. “As I always said, he is an idol. I can’t believe he is because he has not trained with me yet. He is a senior who takes good care of his body and has a lot of experience externally, so I would like to ask him a lot of questions,” Kim said.