29 January 2024

“Investigators Confirm Investigation Facts” KIA suspends Kim Jong-kook’s job “Shocked… Scams will be conducted under the system of senior coach Jin Gap-yong

By pestfood.com

The KIA Tigers are in shock just around the corner of the spring camp. Kim Jong-kook (51) was suspended from his job by the club.

KIA officially announced on the 28th that it has suspended manager Kim Jong-kook from his job.

KIA said, “We confirmed that head coach Kim Jong-kook was under investigation by investigative authorities on the 25th, and we finally confirmed this at a meeting with head coach Kim Jong-kook on the 27th. We decided that we could not perform our duties normally as a coach during the investigation and suspended him from our duties.”

Kim Jong-kook, who started his professional career in Haitai in 1996 and played as a one-club man until retiring from KIA in 2010, is a former franchise star coach who continued coaching only in KIA after his retirement. Kim Jong-kook, who signed a three-year contract worth 1.05 billion won (down payment of 300 million won, annual salary of 250 million won) and was appointed as KIA’s 10th head coach in December 2021, recorded 70 wins, 1 draw and 73 losses (winning rate of 0.490) in 2022, his first season as a manager, and took the fall baseball stage by leading the team that was ranked ninth in the previous season to fifth place. However, he failed to advance to the postseason for the second consecutive year, staying sixth with 73 wins, 2 draws and 69 losses (winning rate of 0.514).

Coach Kim Jong-kook, who spent two seasons on his three-year contract, was about to renew his contract for the third season. Under these circumstances, he was suddenly caught up in an unfavorable situation and was suspended from his job. 월카지노주소

KIA was scheduled to leave for Australia on the 30th and run spring camps at Narrabundah Ballpark in Canberra and Okinawa, Japan, from February 1st to March 6th. KIA was in great confusion when the news of the sudden suspension of the head coach was reported two days before the spring camp departure.

The KIA club said, “The coach’s final course of action will be decided after watching the investigation, and the first-team spring camp will be conducted under the system of senior coach Jin Gap-yong.”