28 January 2024

The pride and miracle of the countryside school, ‘A total of 16.1 billion.’ Now I’m going to prove my ransom

By pestfood.com

Alumni players from Hwasun High School were recognized for their value by signing with their original teams side by side in the 2023-2024 KBO offseason. Now they have begun their journey to prove their respective contracts.

With a total of 19 players on the market, the 2024 KBO Free Agent (FA) market closed on Wednesday when it signed a 2+2 year contract with KT, the original team of the Korean national team. All 19 players signed contracts, and two of them (Lee Ji-young and Kim Min-sung) concluded their FA qualification through sign-and-trade. On top of that, Ko Young-pyo’s multi-year contract with his team worth 10.7 billion won (9.1 million U.S. dollars) was a hot topic of conversation during the offseason.

Ko Young-pyo, who signed a multi-year contract as a non-FA, and Kim Sun-bin (KIA) and Hong Geon-hee (Doosan) have something in common that they are from Hwasun High School. Kim Sun-bin was nominated as KIA in the second round (43rd overall) in 2008, and Hong Geon-hee was nominated as KIA in the second round (9th overall) in 2011, and both players started professional careers with their respective teams. Ko Young-pyo was not nominated after graduating from high school, but his skills improved after entering Dongguk University, and joined KT in the second round (10th overall) in 2014.

All three players have also signed contracts in the FA market. This was his second FA qualification event, and he signed a three-year contract worth a total of 3 billion won (approx. Since the end of the last season, talks over a multi-year contract as a non-FA have been continuously made, and eventually he signed a five-year contract worth 10.7 billion won (approx. Hong Geon-hee, who had some difficulties in negotiating with the FA, signed a two-year contract worth 2.45 billion won (approx. This is why Hwasun High School, one of the few high school baseball teams in each county, was spotlighted.

Now, each team has to prove his or her contract. Kim Sun-bin, an indispensable player in KIA, displayed robust contact capability last year as well, proving that he is still capable of contributing to the team. There are some voices of concern in terms of scope of defense, but if he proves his health, a stable defense can be an advantage. As he is a fairly young player, he or she needs to avoid injury in order to increase his or her contribution to the team for three years. If his or her health is guaranteed, he or she will continue to hit higher than a certain level in batting average and on-base percentage.

Hong Geon-hee, who has played many innings over the past few years, should continue to be consistent. Sustainability is the most important thing when investing in bullpen pitchers. This is because bullpen pitchers who have thrown many innings for more than three years usually have a so-called “sleeping year” or have permanently lost their skills. As Hong is still in his early 30s, there is an expectation that he will be a little freer in this matter. 라바카지노

Ko Young-pyo literally stands on the mound under pressure. Since he signed a contract for an enormous amount of 10.7 billion won, there is a possibility that luxury players will naturally attach themselves to each and every performance. If he continues his performance in recent years, he will be able to recover the amount of 10.7 billion won. The pitching mechanism is so soft that the risk of injury is relatively low, and since he faces batters with other advantages than confinement, KT is diagnosing that there is a high possibility of long run.