28 January 2024

RTHAD ‘Benjema returns to Europe? We can’t let you go!’…I’ll make you like Al Hilal instead?

By pestfood.com

‘We can’t let you go.’

Regarding French soccer’s “World Class” goaltender Karim Benzema (R-Tihad), who has recently been rumored to return to the European stage, the club drew a line.

According to major European media such as France’s L’Equipe on the 28th (Korea time), the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF), which owns RT Hard, will not allow Benzema to return to Europe this winter.

Recently, AFP reported that Benzema discussed his future with Marcelo Gallardo as well as a high-ranking club official.

Benzema said he would not be able to show the best performer in the R-Itihad. The club suggested moving to another team in the Saudi league as an alternative, which Benzema also reportedly refused.

The 2022 Ballon d’Or winner left Real Madrid (Spain) in June last year and joined RT Hard.

PIF is leading the league’s box office by owning the “Saudi Big Four” including R. Itihad, Al Nasr, Al Hilal and Al Ahli.

Benzema’s trip to Al Itahad also drew much attention, as he played 15 games in the league this season, with nine goals and five assists. However, his life in Saudi Arabia does not seem to be smooth, as rumors of a disagreement with Gallardo have surfaced recently.

When rumors spread that he would return to Europe, Lyon of France, Manchester United of England, and Chelsea of England were cited as potential destinations. However, according to local media, the PIF believes that Benzema’s departure would negatively affect the current league. They are concerned about domino effect if some of the players return to Europe while Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) is playing for Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, “L’Equipe” interprets Benzema’s behavior as an intention to make the team more competitive. Currently, there are other N’Golo Kante playing at R-Itihad, and it is in line with his voice to recruit more world-class players. 마카오토토

Al Hilal, a real rival, has a number of world stars in offense and defense, including Neymar, Juvang Neves, and Kalidou Koulibaly. Al Itihad is currently seventh. The PIF is negotiating with the club to accept its intention to reinforce its squad, while denying Benzema’s transfer.

Benzema is earning an astronomical €200 million salary when he signed a two-year contract with RT Hard last year.