28 January 2024

Osimhen, Lee Kang-in, who is leaving Napoli this summer, will he be a colleague… “PSG is the leader in the recruitment race.”

By pestfood.com

Victor Osimhen is coming to the summer transfer market.

Napoli Chairman Aurelio de Laurence publicly acknowledged Osimhen’s move. “I have known since last summer that many teams have sought to recruit Osimhen. Otherwise, the renewal negotiations would not have lasted long. I know that he will be the best team in the Premier League, whether it be Real Madrid or PSG,” he said. “I can’t stop Osimhen from moving.”

Osimhen was the top scorer in Serie A last season. He scored 26 goals in Serie A alone, breaking the record. If last season’s Napoli ace was Kim Min-jae, the spearhead of its offense was Osimhen. Napoli won the Serie A title last season for the first time in 33 years.

He has had seven goals and two assists this season. His ranking has dropped to 10th.

However, many say that it is a decrease in scoring due to Napoli’s poor performance. Born in 1998, he is not yet at an age where his heyday will be dampened. Osimhen’s value has not gone down. In particular, teams that need a striker are watching Osimhen with interest.

Big clubs immediately poured out love calls for Osimhen. Manchester United was the representative. Napoli endured by spending more than 100 million pounds.

In the end, Manchester United gave up recruiting Osimhen. Instead, they brought Rasmus Huirun, who costs less than Osimhen.

During this season, Napoli signed an extension contract with Osimhen. However, there was a release clause. For 112 million pounds, any team could sign Osimhen.

Osimhen has decided to leave Napoli this summer. In a recent interview with the U.S. media outlet CBS Sports, Osimhen said, “I decided to move on to the next stage after the season. I have decided. I have a plan. I know what I want to do and where I will go.” 월카지노

In Europe, it is considered a given that Osimhen will sign a contract with another team in the transfer market this summer. Currently, PSG and Real Madrid, where Lee Kang-in is located, are ahead of the recruitment of Osimhen. The Sun, a British media outlet, reported, “PSG and Real Madrid are active in recruiting Osimhen. Chelsea and Arsenal are also competing.”