28 January 2024

Kim Won-joong and Koo Seung-min’s salary is awesome, how should we look at it… the complicated and subtle situation of the prospective FA

By pestfood.com

Kim Won-joong and Koo Seung-min. What’s the secret behind the annual salary hit?

With the appointment of manager Kim Tae-hyung, the Lotte Giants are aiming to win the title in the 2024 season. The team already signed an annual salary contract. Before leaving for the Guam spring camp, Lotte completed all annual salary negotiations with those who are subject to renewal.

What’s noticeable is that the two main pitchers in the bullpen hit the jackpot. The closing pitcher Kim Won-joong stamped his seal at 500 million won and the winning pitcher Koo Seung-min at 450 million won.

“Both of them did well.” Kim recorded 30 saves. He recovered from his slump of 17 saves in the 2022 season. Koo also garnered three saves at 22 holds. He has recorded more than 20 holds for four consecutive seasons.

The reason for the increase was certain. However, it seems that he raised it too much. Kim Won-joong’s annual salary last season was 252 million won. It almost doubled at once. Koo Seung-min also rose nearly 200 million won from 248.6 million won.

It can be interpreted that there is a “FA premium.” Clubs sometimes give generous salaries to key players one season before the FA. This is to create an advantageous aspect in compensation, making it difficult for them to move to other teams. When original players move to other teams, they receive compensation, and the higher the annual salary of the previous year, the greater the compensation. It is a kind of safety device.

Ahead of the 2023 season, the Doosan Bears raised the annual salary of prospective FA Yang Seok-hwan from 390 million won to 400 million won. Yang hit 20 home runs in the 2022 season, but only played in 107 games due to the aftermath of the injury, and his batting average was 244 percent. There was nothing to say about the cut, but he became the highest-paid person excluding the FA.

However, the trend is changing recently. More and more prospective FA players do not prefer to enjoy the “premium” unconditionally. They sometimes reject the “jackpot” of their annual salary.

This is to induce market competition by lightening the ransom in the opposite position to the club.

If the previous season’s salary is too high, the range of movement in the FA market will be narrowed due to compensation issues. Catcher Lee Ji-young, who almost became a “FA Mia” in the stove league, wore a SSG Landers uniform dramatically using sign-and-trade. His popularity fell largely because the previous year’s annual salary was too high at 500 million won. 꽁머니환전

Even if you lose your salary in one season right now, it is beneficial to increase the total amount of multi-year contracts by increasing the value in the FA market. When Seo Kun-chang was a preliminary FA ahead of the 2021 season when he was a Kiwoom Heroes, he voluntarily cut his annual salary of nearly 100 million won to lower the FA grade to B grade. In the recent process of negotiating the annual salary of the A team, it was rumored that the preliminary FA player, the top of the class, tried to lower the annual salary rather than the set amount.