26 January 2024

“Salah praises Klopp for “The Most Loyal Egyptian”… “Join Egypt if it reaches the final.” Strong will

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Mohamed Salah (31, Liverpool), Egypt’s national football team striker who suffered a hamstring injury during the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

He expressed his strong will to join the Egyptian national team when his injury recovers.

According to the Associated Press on the 26th, Salah returned to Liverpool for treatment on the 24th after being injured in the second round of Group B against Ghana (2-2) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on the 18th (local time).

“I started treatment and rehabilitation programs yesterday, and I will do my best to be ready as soon as possible. I will return to the national team as agreed from the beginning,” he said on his SNS.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp also said he would definitely return to AFCON if Salah recovers from injury and Egypt advances to the final.

Liverpool’s deputy coach Pepe Reinders said Salah is expected to return within three to four weeks unless his recovery is affected. The AFCON final will take place on Feb. 11.

After beating Fulham on the 24th to reach the 2023-2024 Carabao Cup final, Klopp said, “Egypt and Liverpool both have the same interest, and we hope Salah finds his condition as soon as possible. We brought him here to provide the best treatment.”

He continued, “Everyone agreed. If Salah is in good physical condition and Egypt advances to the final, it is certain that he will return 100%. Mo wants it, and we want it, too.” 마카오카지노도메인

“If anyone questions Mo Salah’s loyalty, they should ask themselves if their loyalty is right. Because Mo Salah is definitely the most loyal Egyptian I’ve ever met in my life,” Klopp said.

Egypt, the seven-time AFCON champion, tied 2-2 in three consecutive group matches to advance to the round of 16 tournaments as the second-ranked team in Group B with three points. The team will play the Democratic Republic of Congo in the round of 16 on Friday.