25 January 2024

U.S. media said, “San Diego should hurry to recruit left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin.”

By pestfood.com

It has been argued in the U.S. that the San Diego Padres should recruit Ryu Hyun-jin (37), a left-handed FA (free agent) resource in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), as soon as possible.

The media “Fan Said” reported on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) that “The Dodgers’ recent contract has greatly restricted the FA market in San Diego.” “If San Diego doesn’t hurry, it will fall into the cold,” he warned.

There were two reasons why the media recommended Ryu to San Diego. The first was that James Paxton, a Canadian left-hander that San Diego was aiming for, headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Recently, there was a rumor that Paxton was the target of San Diego recruitment,” the media said. “It was the right thing to try to bring in a Canadian player with a clear gap in the starting rotation.” However, Paxton headed to the Dodgers on the 23rd with a one-year contract expected to be worth 12 million dollars.

The media expressed regret, saying, “With this, President A.J. Preller and the San Diego club’s plan are back to square one.” He also urged San Diego to catch one of the few FA players.

The media recommended Ryu Hyun-jin and Michael Lorenzen. Notably, he stressed that Ryu should be given priority over Lorenzen. He is a left-handed pitcher.

The media predicted, “There is only one left-handed starting pitcher on the 40-man roster, Jay Groome (25), and even that may not survive the roster this spring.” For this reason, he argued, “If Ryu Hyun-jin and Lorenzen are on equal terms, it is much more reasonable to choose a left-hander.”

Unlike left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, Lorenzen is a representative right-handed fastball pitcher. Lorenzen played 342 games in the MLB and recorded 40 wins, 38 losses, 71 holds, and 15 saves. He had an ERA of 4.11. “One of the two pitchers is much more reasonable than the other,” the media reiterated.

He also predicted that San Diego would sign a short-term contract if it negotiates with Ryu Hyun-jin and Lorenzen. “Both players are likely to be temporary options for San Diego next season,” the media said. “It is more likely that they will sign a one-year contract with a mutual option or club option added in the 2025 season.” 월카지노도메인

“Whatever President Preller chooses, we need to make a decision quickly,” he said. “Since Paxton was heading to the Dodgers, more and more teams are targeting Ryu Hyun-jin, not just San Diego,” he recalled.