25 January 2024

SSG Director Lee Sung-yong of “First Camp” said, “Foreign + Kim Kwang-hyun’s selection has been confirmed, and others have not been decided.”

By pestfood.com

Lee Sung-yong (52), who was appointed as SSG Landers’ second coach at the end of last year, announced his plan to manage the team ahead of his first spring camp departure.

Lee took the helm of SSG in November last year. Lee was assigned with two challenging tasks: generational change and performance.

Coach Lee first tried to talk to veteran players such as Choo Shin-soo and Kim Kwang-hyun after taking office to find direction for the 2024 season and left for Florida, the U.S., the first camp site, on the 25th.

Lee’s point of management for this year’s SSG is an appropriate harmony between veteran players and young players. More specifically, the plan is to create an environment in which veterans can perform at their best by giving them appropriate breaks, and to bring out their potential through strong motivation for young players.

Compared to other teams, SSG boasts a higher proportion of veterans. The three players, Choo Shin-soo (42), Ko Hyo-joon (41), and Noh Kyung-eun (40), are in their 40s. Key players, including Kim Kwang-hyun (36), Choi Jung, Kim Sung-hyun (37), Moon Seung-won, and Han Yu-seom (35), are mostly over their mid-30s.

This is both strength and weakness of the team. When veterans do their part, their power is maximized, but when they fall into a recession, they lack players to overcome them. Lee said, “First of all, I will give veterans proper rest so that they can prepare their physical strength.

Ahead of his departure, Lee told reporters that he emphasized to veterans about becoming a one-team player and their sense of professionalism. If this is upheld, he will give veterans more authority, including rest.”

On the other hand, young players are willing to train hard. This means that they should strengthen their competitiveness and overcome their competition with veterans.

“We give preferential treatment to veterans, but we have higher expectations to young players. Only when they do a good job can the team strengthen,” Lee said. “We are trying to give them many opportunities from the camp.” 마카오카지노

Still, concerns about the selection team are continuing. Basically, Roenis Elias, Robert Duggar and Kim Kwang-hyun will take three seats, and the other two will be decided through competition.

“Among the other starting positions, Oh Won-seok has the upper hand, but he has to compete to win. There are many resources such as Park Jong-hoon, Song Young-jin and Moon Seung-won. If the players come up as a whole, we are even thinking about the sixth starting system,” Lee said.

Regarding the abundant catcher resources such as Lee Ji-young, Kim Min-sik, Cho Hyung-woo, and Park Dae-on, he said, “I am grateful for the front. It was built close to perfection. I will further discuss with the battery coach and the pitching coach about the direction of operation.”