23 January 2024

Worst First Year… A disastrous choice for the Yankees, will this year be any different

By pestfood.com

The first year was simply the worst of the worst. Will this year be any different.

The New York Yankees boldly opened their wallets last offseason. They kept Aaron Judge, the team’s symbol, by giving him a nine-year, $360 million contract to write the highest annual average ever recorded in the major leagues. He made Judge a solid centerpiece of the team by giving up the position of the “official captain,” which had been vacant since Derek Jeter retired.

He also invested heavily in the mound and recruited the second starter to take charge of the next position for ace Gerrit Cole. It was left-hander Carlos Rodón who signed a six-year, $162 million contract. If Judge takes the center stage of the overall team and the lineup, and Cole and Rodón lead the rotation, he will be able to return to the World Series stage, which has never advanced since 2009.

However, the calculation was wrong even before the start of the season. The main culprit was Rodon. After being injured in the spring camp, Rodon barely made a comeback until just before the end of the first half. Of course, there were many other injuries, but the fact that a player who had been hired through a major FA contract in anticipation of the team’s core strength left the team even before the season opened properly dampened the mood and determination of the team.

In fact, Rodon’s failure was expected to some extent. Rodon, who debuted in 2015 and played for eight seasons in the big leagues until 2022, was not often an “outstanding pitcher.” His skills suddenly rose after the shortened season, posting 310.2 innings in 55 games, 27-13 losses and 2.67 ERA in the 2021-2022 season, but his previous six seasons only posted 536.2 innings in 92 games, 29-33 losses and 4.14 ERA.

He was the third most promising draft pick (2014), but he spent all of his early to mid-20s due to injury and sluggishness, and turned around in the last two seasons of his 20s before turning 30. Of course, the most important thing is his recent performance, but he also had concerns as he had built up anxiety over his past performances. He was a “high list high return” player, and his first year result was the worst.

Last year, Rodon started in 14 games and pitched 64.1 innings after returning from injury, recording three wins and eight losses with an ERA of 6.85. Not only did he fail to keep his health, but he was also not a “good pitcher as long as he is healthy.” He was neither healthy nor in good shape. He was far below the league average in all areas except that he threw fast balls at an average speed of 95 miles per hour or more. He was also a much faster pitcher than the latter in terms of expectations. He looked like an ace in his first six seasons since his debut, which was normal compared to last year.

The problem is that last year may not be the end. Rodon turned 30 last year. The aging curve theory, which has become a trend, says that a player’s skill level can plummet at any time. The heyday of physical age is virtually over when he turns 30. Rodon has passed the age threshold of 30 with the worst report card last year. Given his age, expectations for Rodon who signed a six-year contract were the highest last year.

He played the season, which should have been the most physically young and outstanding during the big contract period, in the worst form. Rather than hoping that Rodon will be able to continue his 2021-2022 season throughout the rest of the contract, it is more realistic expectation that the same form as last year will not continue for the remaining five years.

Nevertheless, the Yankees have no choice but to pin their hope on Rodon. Michael King, who settled in the starting lineup last year, was given up to recruit Juan Soto, and most of the other pitchers remain unstable. Only two players, Ace Cole and Marcus Stroman, who were recently hired in the FA market, can be trusted in the starting lineup. In the end, whether Rodon, along with Cole and Stroman, will establish a solid 1-3 starting lineup will determine the success or failure of the Yankees’ mound this year.

The Yankees are interested in Blake Snell, who remains in the free agent market, but they are not actively sending him love calls. Snell is also a pitcher who has a lot of anxiety like Rodon. However, Snell, a two-time Cy Young Award winner, is superior to Rodon in his career. If they had not hired Rodon last year, the Yankees could have taken some risk and joined the hands of Snell this winter. If they have to take risks anyway, Snell, who has a higher minimum expectation, would be better, but the Yankees already have Rodon, a strong candidate for malicious contract. The risk to take is too high to bear Snell. 라바카지노주소

Rodon’s contract, which is small in size compared to Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, cannot be ignored. Perhaps Rodon’s contract could become a swamp that continues to hold the Yankees back.

The player has already secured the money. However, the club has not earned anything, and it just feels sick. Attention is focusing on whether Rodon will be different this year.