23 January 2024

“Kane, just come back to Tottenham”: Barmun, vitriolic jocks after defeat to Bremen

By pestfood.com

“Harry Kane, Tottenham will be jealous of the new season.”

Some say that “Tottenham Legend” Harry Kane, who moved to Bayern Munich last summer aiming for the championship cup, will be jealous of Tottenham led by Ange Postecoglou.

It is a joke thrown by co-hosts Chris Sutton and Ian Reidyman after Bayern Munich, the “Absolute 1st Round of the Bundesliga,” was hit by Werder Bremen in the 18th round of the Bundesliga on the 21st.

The defeat widened Bayern Munich’s gap with 41 points (17 wins, 13 draws and 2 losses) and first-place Leverkusen (48 points, 18 wins, 15 draws and 3 losses) in second place. If they miss the league title at a time when they were all eliminated from the German Super Cup and the German Cup, Kane’s desperate dream without a trophy in his soccer career will be postponed once again.

Bayern Munich only had two losses this season, but its players and form and atmosphere have recently turned on warning lights, and Thomas Tuchel, the coach, angered and criticized players right after the defeat against Bremen. “Obviously, it wasn’t enough. I didn’t feel like the players were running for victory for more than 70 minutes. They were static in the first half, took all the balls out, allowed counterattacks, and deserved defeat,” he said. “We only played for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is not enough to achieve the goal we set. That’s not what we are trying to do here.”

Pointing to Bayern’s recent slump, Reidyman, through Daily Mail Sports Podcast, said, “Bayern Munich lost again this weekend. We lost at home to Bremen and were seven points behind Leverkusen. Harry, you have to come home. Friend,” he joked. “Harry, you’re out of the German Cup. Come home. You can’t win in Bayern Munich. You have to come home. Come back to Tottenham, man.”

Sutton said Kane might be jealous of Tottenham’s attractive pass play under Postecoglou, who is in fifth place with a gap of three points from fourth place. “I’m sure Kane is watching Tottenham’s soccer style while watching what’s going on there. I think there could be a bit of jealousy,” he said.

A triumphant Reidman asked Sutton, “Last season, I insisted that Kane go to Bayern Munich was a mistake and he should stay at Tottenham, but didn’t you laugh at me then?” 랭크카지노

In an interview right after the match, Kane also expressed disappointment. “That’s our responsibility,” Tuchel said in response to his criticism, “I’m also tired of saying that we’re training well. No one believes that anymore.”