23 January 2024

If we can turn back the clock… 26 final entries left to be desired

By pestfood.com

“Our coaches are happy to give three more players a chance. I thought it would be a great opportunity, especially for young players who will lead Korean soccer in the future.”

Jürgen Klinsmann, the Korean men’s soccer team, announced 26 final entries about a month before the opening of the Qatar Asian Cup, explaining the reason why it included players classified as promising players such as Kim Ji-soo (20, Brentford) in the list, which increased by three more.

Would he write the same list as he has now, if he were given a chance to rewrite the final entry? With injuries to fullbacks one after another and sluggishness of resources at the forefront of players, fans are expressing regret over the roster ahead of them. As Coach Klinsmann’s past remarks have been summoned, criticism is mounting again that he failed to take advantage of the expanded entry compared to the previous competition.

Coach Klinsmann included new young players, including center backs Kim Ji-soo and Kim Joo-sung (24, Seoul) and winger Yang Hyun-joon (22, Celtic), in the final entry, which has increased to 26. All of them are not immediately powerful, but they are considered as resources to replace Kim Min-jae (28, Bayern Munich), Kim Young-kwon (28, Ulsan), and Hwang Hee-chan (28, Wolverhampton). In particular, Coach Klinsmann expressed high expectations for Kim Ji-soo, saying, “I think he is a player who will play a big role for Korean soccer.”

In the long run, nurturing promising players and changing generations will also be an important task for Clinton, who will lead the Korean team up to the 2026 North-China-US World Cup. However, it is hard to say that it is helpful for her to achieve her short-term goal of winning the Asian Cup. Kim Ji-soo has never played in the first division of his team. Yang is on the substitute list rather than starting.

Moreover, coach Klinsmann emphasized continuity by including left fullback Lee Ki-je (33, Suwon), who was not selected by his club, in the final list, and giving opportunities to prospects cannot be seen as consistent with this trend. Prior to the announcement of the final entry, Hwang Ui-jo (32, Nottingham) was temporarily excluded from the national team on charges of illegal filming of sex, and manager Klinsmann turned a blind eye even when K League 1 scoring champion Joo Min-kyu (34, Ulsan) was mentioned as an alternative resource.

There are many reasons why the Qatar Asian Cup Organizing Committee has increased its final entry list from 23 to 26. The increase in the number of people available will make it easier to cope with various variables such as injuries and accumulation of fatigue of players, and the overall level of play will be higher. It could give more potential young players a chance to play. 헤라카지노주소

As Coach Klinsmann focuses on fostering promising players, there are five players including Park Jin-seop (29, Jeonbuk) and Park Yong-woo (31, Al Ain). On the other hand, it is difficult for a fullback to immediately fill the starting lineup. Currently, right-footed Seol Young-woo (26, Ulsan) is the left fullback, and Kim Tae-hwan (35, Ulsan), who played as a substitute in the second half in the first and second group matches, is most likely to play as the right fullback. However, since Kim Tae-hwan is not in 100 percent physical condition, it remains to be seen whether he can play full time.

It is also worrisome that Cho Kyu-sung (26, Meat Whelan) has not displayed a good sense of goal. Oh Hyun-kyu (23, Celtic), a substitute card for the second half of the season, has also failed to display his performance as much as before due to the recent A-match and reduced playing time for his team.

This is the coach’s own right to decide which of the three entry players to fill. It is time for him to take responsibility for that decision.