23 January 2024

FIFA Warns “Automatic Confiscation Loss Due to Racism”… Players React ‘Cold’

By pestfood.com

FIFA has issued a hard-line warning that it is a “lose defeat” to racism, but the players’ response is cold.
Italy’s AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Menan left the stadium on the 21st (local time) to protest against the referee after his opponents made monkey noises and racist acts during the match against Udinese.

The game, which had been suspended, managed to resume with Menan’s return, but Menan was angry, saying, “Unfortunately, this continues to happen,” adding, “I can’t play soccer like this anymore.”

In English professional football, Coventry City midfielder Casey Palmer also complained that he was damaged by racist words and actions by opposing fans during the match against Sheffield United.

Coventry City said, “I was shocked and saddened by the racist act directed at Palmer, our player,” adding, “We clearly condemn the abuse of Palmer, and such abuse or discrimination is unacceptable in society beyond football.”

Athletes’ Association “substantial and heavy punishment”

In a statement immediately on the 22nd, Infantino condemned, “What happened in Italy and England is truly disgusting and unacceptable,” adding, “There should be no discrimination in football and our society.”
He also emphasized, “Teams where racism occurs should go through a ‘three-step process’ and automatically face forfeiture,” adding, “Racist should ban all soccer fields around the world forever and hold legal responsibility.”

He added, “FIFA and soccer oppose all forms of discrimination, including racism, and fully stand in solidarity with the victims.”

However, the victims do not trust FIFA. The PFA criticized the football authorities for not making sufficient efforts to prevent racial discrimination on the field.

“We want substantial, consistent, and heavy punishment for individuals and teams responsible for racism,” he said. “The reality is that’s not the case, so the players don’t trust the soccer authorities.”

“Step 3.” Complaints… “Why are you looking at racism three times?”

Troy Townsend, head of the anti-discrimination group Kick It Out in football, also said, “It’s not up to the players to solve the problem of racism,” urging them to “support them with actions, not words.”
He pointed out that there is also a problem with the current forfeiture rule. According to FIFA’s three-step procedure announced in 2017, when a player or spectator’s racist behavior is confirmed, the referee temporarily suspends the game in the first stage and makes an on-site announcement to “stop abusive language and discrimination.”

In the second stage, if racism continues, players leave the stadium for a while and the game is stopped again. In the last third stage, if racism does not stop, the referee finishes the game and gives the opponent a victory. 헤라카지노도메인

However, CEO Townsend criticized, “Why are you giving me three opportunities to be racist?” and “This is a rule made by people who have never been subjected to racism.”