22 January 2024

Saudi Arabia is the most likely opponent of the Klinsmann Lake. 2 people will leave. Kyrgyzstan defeated 2-0 → No. 1 in Group 1

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It was frustrating, but the team won by banking on its numerical advantage. Saudi Arabia, which has won for two consecutive games, is heading to a tournament. It may meet South Korea in the round of 16 strongest teams.

Saudi Arabia won 2-0 in its second Group F match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup held at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, at 8:30 p.m. on Monday (local time). Saudi Arabia, which has won two consecutive games, has secured advancement to the tournament by overtaking Thailand as No. 1 in its group. Kyrgyzstan remained at the bottom of the group with two losses.

For Saudi Arabia, Ahmed al-Qasar, Ali Rajami, Ali al-Bulaihi, Hasan Tambakti, al-Buraik, Mohammed Kanno, Abdullah al-Malki, Sami al-Nazi, Saud Abdulhamid, Salem al-Dosari and Ferras al-Burai Khan were among the starters.

Kyrgyzstan started Tokotaev, Mishchenko, Kozumaev, Akmatov, Brauzman, Saginbayev, Alikulov, Merck, Abdurrahmanov, Zirgalbek and Batyrkanov.

Coach Roberto Mancini, who has won the Premier League and UEFA Euro championships, has taken the helm of the Korean national team as the league is advancing amid massive investment. Almost all of the members who defeated Argentina at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 remain the same. This is why Saudi Arabia was considered a favorite to win the title before the event.

When I opened the lid, Saudi Arabia was disappointed. Internally, there was a lack of harmony and teamwork, but the performance did not match. In the last match against Oman, Garib, who was substituted after going to the verge of defeat, changed the mood and scored an equalizer, and Al-Bulaihi’s theater goal just before the end, winning only 2-1.

The team will face Kyrgyzstan at a time when its performance is still lacking. Kyrgyzstan is considered the weakest in the tournament. It has good physicality, but it is regrettable that it lacks individual skills. For Saudi Arabia, it is an opponent that must win. Ahead of the match, Mancini said, “Kiristan is a good team. No one thought Iraq would beat Japan, but that happened. That is soccer. Things can change at any time, so you need to focus 100 percent. The first game was difficult, but now it is over. I will win the second victory.” 헤라카지노도메인

He also talked about tactics. Mancini said, “After playing as a 300-back, I only conceded a point from a penalty kick. It doesn’t matter how many defenders there are in the team, but whether we play the kind of soccer we want to play or not is important. The players are very happy and I am going to keep going as it is,” in complimenting Al Dosari and Al Dhulaman Garib. Al Dosari started as a starter, and Garib is waiting to play as a substitute on the day as well.