22 January 2024

“I have a new goal after losing Game 7.” How can I help SF after leaving the baton

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Former manager Baker, who returned to “home,” is looking at the top once again.

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com expressed former coach Dusty Baker’s determination to return to the San Francisco Giants on January 22 (Korea Standard Time).

Baker, who resigned from his leadership position with the Houston Astros after the last season, recently joined San Francisco. However, he does not lead players on the spot. Baker joined San Francisco as a special advisor for baseball operations.

Baker, a three-time coach of the year and 2,183 wins, was always No. 2. He had a tremendous career in the field, but was never a winner of the World Series until he lifted the World Series trophy in Houston in 2022.

Baker first took the helm in San Francisco in 1993. He led the San Francisco Giants through 2002 and posted a winning rate of 0.540 over the past 10 years and made it to the postseason three times. He also performed at the Waldrises. He advanced under Barry Bonds, the best player of his time, but failed to achieve his dream of winning the title. Then, in 2022, 20 years after the World Series with Bonds, he finally won the first and last World Series trophy.

Baker put down his baton after losing to the Texas Rangers in Game 7 of last year’s League Championship Series. According to MLB.com , Baker said, “When I lost in Game 7, I realized a new desire,” adding, “Winning gives me a different goal, but losing gives me a new goal.” He said he set a new goal to raise the trophy again from the standpoint of helping the team run, not the commander in the field.

Baker, a star outfielder who played in the Major League for 19 years as a manager, won the World Series title as a player with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981. He lifted the trophy as a manager in 2022, becoming the seventh person to have won a World Series title as both a player and a manager since the Major League introduced the division system. Now he is also trying to win the title as a frontman.

Players are also welcoming the addition of a great golfer. According to MLB.com , pitcher Alex Cobb said, “Former Baker was a man who won wherever he went. His team always posted a winning record. His joining the team is truly valuable to our team. He will have so many experiences to learn from. As a baseball fan, I look forward to having a conversation with him.” For Lee Jung-hoo, who joined San Francisco, Baker’s presence can be of great help. 월카지노주소

San Francisco fans are also welcoming Baker’s return to the team. Baker firsthand experienced enthusiastic responses from fans at his fanfest event. According to MLB.com , Baker laughed, saying, “I think he’s back home now.”

The San Francisco Giants has beefed up its power by recruiting Lee Jung-hoo, Robbie Ray and Jordan Hicks. However, as the Dodgers with Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto have built such overwhelming power, it is expected that this season will not be easy. The team desperately needs insight from a master who has won more than 2,000 games in total. Attention is focusing on how Baker will affect San Francisco after returning home.