20 January 2024

“Amazing 5 Years 127 Billion” 165SV Kim Ha-sung’s colleague goes to Houston… “The amount exceeded expectations.”

By pestfood.com

The amount exceeds the four-year $80 million (about 107 billion won) we expected

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media, estimated that left-hander Josh Hader, 30, was priced at 80 million dollars for four years when he entered the FA market this winter. Hader waited for a while reading the market trends, and joined hands with the Houston Astros. The deal was worth 95 million dollars for five years, which exceeded The Athletic’s expectations.

The Athletic, ESPN, and other U.S. media all reported on the 20th (Korea time) that “Hader has agreed to a five-year, 95 million-dollar contract with Houston.” The official announcement has yet to be made as medical tests remain. According to The Athletic, Hader’s contract includes a non-trade clause and there is no deferral clause. From 2024 to 2028, 19 million dollars will be paid annually.

“This is a record amount for a closing pitcher considering that there is no provision for suspension of payment. The contract did not include opt-out or club options,” The Athletic said.

Hader was considered one of the biggest players in the bullpen FA this winter. Hader played for the San Diego Padres last year with 61 games, two wins and three losses, 33 saves, 56 ⅓ innings and an ERA of 1.28.

Hader was a player that deserved an extension contract, but San Diego started to reduce the total annual salary (payroll) of its players this winter. Not only Hader but also left-hander Blake Snell, who won the National League Cy Young Award last year, was put on the market as it is. Juan Soto, one of the best outfielders in the league, contracted out after trading with the New York Yankees, and even Kim Ha-sung, who will become an FA after this season, is mentioned as a likely trade candidate. Against this backdrop, Hader has built a new nest in Houston.

Hader made his big league debut as a closer for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2017, and has continued his career as a closer. He has 165 saves in total in the Major League. Hader is listed as a pitcher with 153 saves, the most since 2019. Kenley Jansen (Boston, 152 saves) came in second, and Raisel Iglesias (Atlanta, 126 saves) came in third. 월카지노

While collecting Hader, the Houston Astros strengthened its back door. Former right-handed closer Ryan Presley (35) made good performance with 31 saves last year, but invested in a younger and healthier Hader. Presley is a big league closing pitcher who has ranked sixth in the category with 106 saves since 2019. He has 108 saves overall in the Major League. He has built his career as a closing pitcher after turning 30.