19 January 2024

Sporting, “123.7 billion won? Not enough” to the Chelsea offer

By pestfood.com

Lisbon coach Amorim Sporting said he would not sell players unless the buyout clause of Zooceros was triggered.

Recently, there was news that Chelsea offered 85 million euros (about 123.7 billion won) to recruit Sporting Lisbon striker Viktor Zockeres.

Zooceros, who played for Coventry City in the English Championship (part 2) last season, joined Sporting this season and is bombarding the Portuguese league. Zooceros made 13 goals and eight assists in 17 games (17 starts) in the Portuguese league this season. He also had three goals and one assist in five games (five starts) in the Europa League.

Zockeres has already experienced the England stage, and English Premier League clubs that want to reinforce the front line are watching him. Chelsea seems to be the first among them to act.

However, Sporting reportedly rejected the offer at once.

Asked if Chelsea made the offer to recruit Zooceros, Amorim replied, “I don’t know. I didn’t even ask the general manager.” 마카오카지노

He added, “Obviously, I also heard the news, and it was 85 million euros, so I thought it wasn’t enough.”

Sporting’s position is clear. If the buyout clause is invoked, there is no choice but to sell it, and there is no reason to sell it for less than that. The buyout clause of Zincheres is 100 million euros (about 145.6 billion won).

“It’s in the middle of the season. We’ll only sell it when we invoke the buyout clause. We can’t help it. I’m pretty calm because we can’t do anything,” Amorim said.

Meanwhile, Chelsea ranks ninth in the league with 31 points, nine wins, four draws and eight losses, in 21 league games this season.