19 January 2024

“I’m healthy, I’m not sick.” I was confident, but after the 3.8 billion contract, surgery, how should I see it?

By pestfood.com

The biggest topic before Ham Deok-ju’s FA contract was health.

Ham Deok-ju has always been concerned about durability due to major and minor injuries since his days with the Doosan Bears. Even after moving to the LG Twins in a trade, he never played a full-time season in the first division for three seasons. The same happened last year. Ham had the best season since his transfer. This is undeniable. His team LG has also lifted its aspiration to win the title in 29 years, and one of the contributors to his victory is Ham Deok-ju.

In the first half of the year, Ham Deok-ju was more of an “untouchable.” He is a left-handed pitcher who is hard to hit even when he knows about it. He was strong against right-handed hitters, but he played a role as a strong must-win pitcher. For the LG bullpen, which had many crises even if there were many resources, Ham Deok-ju’s presence served to quench the thirst for the left-hander while erasing variables.

However, the second half of the 2023 season, which ended splendidly with the victory, was a bit disappointing. Elbow pain in late August was a critical factor that ended his regular season appearance. Ham has never played in a first-team game since Aug. 26. LG repeatedly decided not to suffer serious injury and chose to seek treatment and rehabilitation at the same time, but he actually returned ahead of the Korean Series. He pitched in a total of four games in the Korean Series and had one win and an earned run average (ERA) of 2.70. In Game 2, LG came from behind to win a dramatic upset after allowing no runs in the top of the eighth inning, becoming the first Korean Series winning pitcher.

Ham Deok-ju, who caused health concerns again, but his strong pitching in the Korean Series was enough to erase that doubt. Crucially, he also qualified for his first free agent at a time when the mood was at its peak with LG’s win. Ham signed a four-year FA contract with LG for a total of W3.8 billion on Dec. 24.

Ham Deok-ju emphasized his health several times at the time of the contract. He appealed that he is not sick now and is confident about his physical condition. Even after completing the contract, he said, “The team performed the best this season, and I’m glad that I was able to help the team a little by throwing without injury. Once again, I felt happy to be able to throw in good health. I will continue to be healthy and help the team become a strong team,” but less than a month after the contract, the news spread that he would be on the operating table.

The LG team announced on the 16th that Ham Deok-ju had a pin fixation surgery due to a microfracture of the main skull of his left elbow. The expected rehabilitation period is six months. If the rehabilitation goes very smoothly, it is expected that he can return as early as June to July. “The injury was found when I had a physical examination after signing a FA contract. It’s not a big injury, so the rehabilitation period is not long. It’s a relief.”

However, we cannot hide our regret. There were still many concerns over Ham’s elbow injury even after his absence in the second half of last year. While examining Ham’s condition, other clubs cautiously said that he might have to undergo surgery after the season is over. Fortunately, the short-term Korean Series was played without major problems, but this proves that his elbow condition was not perfect.

If Ham Deok-ju returns in June-July, 헤라카지노주소 it means that his appearance in the first half of the year will be canceled. The opening of this year’s regular season is also earlier than usual, so the All-Star break will begin in early July. Fortunately for the club, the last safety measure is in place because the proportion of incentives to the total amount of FA contracts is large. According to the contract with Ham Deok-ju, the guaranteed down payment and annual salary out of the four-year 3.8 billion won is a total of 2 billion won, and the remaining 1.8 billion won is an incentive to receive if the mutually agreed options are met.

Although the FA contract was good, Ham Deok-ju now has to prove himself again. After completing this rehabilitation well, he should return and show the same performance as before, and remove the label related to the injury again.