18 January 2024

“Son” Ancelotti, who has a career under his father, is expected to “remain in Real for now” despite the temptation of the Saudi club

By pestfood.com

David Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s head coach, is drawing attention from Saudi Arabia’s professional league, but it is expected that he will refuse.

“The Athletic,” a global sports media outlet, reported on the 18th (Korea Standard Time) that coach Ancelotti was offered a proposal to make a high profit for two and a half seasons during the contract period from a low-ranking Saudi league club that could not be named, but Ancelotti would not accept it.

Ancelotti is the son of Carlo Ancelotti, who boasts a great career. He played soccer until his father was serving as AC Milan coach, but retired early on and started his career as a coach. He pursued his father and built his career with amazing clubs. When his father Ancelotti took the helm of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2012, he started working together as a coach at age 23. He has been serving as the head coach since he moved to Bayern Munich after serving in the Real Madrid season.

When his father had little experience, his coaching career was criticized for building up his coaching career, but now he is recognized for his ability as a coach to some extent. He is often mentioned as a candidate for manager of other clubs. Coach Ancelotti, who is in his mid-30s, is also known to be willing to become independent. 랭크카지노

However, some speculate that he will not start his coaching career in Saudi Arabia. He has reportedly been offered a fairly high salary and has yet to give an answer, but he wants to take the helm in the European leagues. “Coach Ancelotti is attracted to the English Premier League, which he has shown interest in before,” The Athletic said.

The Saudi Arabian team is also investing in recruiting players who have been playing in European leagues by banking on its huge financial power over the past year. It appointed Roberto Mancini, the former coach of the Italian national team, as the coach of the Saudi Arabian team. Jorge Jeju Islanders (Al-Hilal), Steven Gerrard (Al-T-Park), and Slaben Vilic (Al-Fate) also moved to Saudi Arabia.