14 January 2024

KIA Futures 7 wins → Head coach “Senior” Expectations… “If you are responsible, your concentration will improve.”

By pestfood.com

“I didn’t even imagine it.”

Kim Jae-yeol (27, NC Dinos) received unexpected news at the Okinawa closing camp in November.

With the second draft revived in four years, the NC Dinos selected Kim Jae-yeol in the third round.

After joining Lotte Giants in 2014, he was released in 2017 without making a debut in the main league. After completing his military service, he started to join a new team, but Kia reached out to him in 2020.

After recording two wins, three losses, one save, and seven hold ERA in four seasons with KIA, he will once again wear a new uniform.

Kim Jae-yeol said, “I went to Okinawa for the closing camp and thought that I would have been 100% tied up. I never imagined it,” adding, “I am trying to think that I received a good opportunity because I moved to a new country. Also, I am married and have a family in Busan, and I think it is a good opportunity to get closer to my family and get closer in many ways. I thought heaven helped me.” He continued, “I played with NC a lot in the Futures League, and I think I made a good impression. Thank you for the good opportunity.”

NC manager Kang In-kwon viewed Kim Jae-yeol as a starting member. He highly praised Kim’s performance in 18 games in the Futures League last year, posting seven wins, two losses and a 2.63 average.

“He started in the Futures League. He didn’t look good as a bullpen in the first division, but he played in 18 games and won seven games in the Futures League. We have him on the starting list. We need to see how good he is. If he shows great performance among the starting resources, I will use him as a starter,” Kang said.

“I had a change of position last year. I was preparing to start in the second division for the first time, and I didn’t know whether I would be able to start or not, but my routine didn’t match because I didn’t start. I can’t say for sure as I haven’t started in the first division yet. I prepared well. I felt comfortable when facing batters while throwing curves in KIA, so I prepared a lot with manager Son Seung-rak. I think I paid attention to my control and increased my competitiveness.” 랭크카지노도메인

He also has good memories as a bullpen. In the nine games he played in in August 2022, he pitched seven ⅓ innings and showed good performance with a two-hold ERA of 2.45. “I have always thought that I should take chances as I play in the losing group or go back and forth to the first and second teams. Then, if I didn’t join the winning team, I had no choice but to go out. Anyway, I had to do it with responsibility. As a result, I think I improved my concentration and my performance was good,” Kim said.

“I’ve started and done bullpen sessions. If I have a chance, I think I can do well,” he said. “I need to start, so I’ll prepare as much as possible. I have experience even if I move on to bullpen session, so I can do well,” he said in front of a fresh start.