14 January 2024

China “Still, the probability of the round of 16 is 69.1%, and the probability of winning…” Despite the shock draw against Tajikistan, “Hopefully.”

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Despite the shocking draw, Chinese soccer continued its hope of advancing to the round of 16.
China tied Tajikistan 0-0 in the first Group A match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup held at Abdullah bin Naser bin Khalifa Stadium in Doha, Qatar on Wednesday (Korea time). The two teams shared one point apiece, but the result was regrettable for Chinese soccer. Tajikistan is an underdog team that is participating in the Asian Cup for the first time. In terms of FIFA rankings, China ranks 79th, while Tajikistan ranks 106th. However, China missed the victory.

China, which had one point, ranked second in the group with Tajikistan. Qatar, the host country in the same group, beat Lebanon 3-0 in the opening match to rise to No. 1 in the group. Lebanon was at the bottom of the group (fourth).

The draw was also a draw, but China did not display good performance in the game. According to Football Mob, a media outlet specializing in soccer statistics, China had 10 shots in total, while Tajikistan had 20. The effective shootings were tied at 2-2. However, they fell behind to 49 percent to 51 percent in ball possession rate. It was fortunate that the team garnered a point.

However, the Chinese soccer team has continued to have hope of advancing to the round of 16 strongest teams. China’s Sohu Dotcom introduced the possibility of China’s advance to the round of 16 strongest teams at the Asian Cup, which was disclosed by the statistical media Opta. Opta projected all the Asian Cup teams’ performances. As for China, the probability for China to advance to the round of 16 was 16.1 percent as the group’s No. 1 ranking. The group ranked second with 35.3 percent, the group ranked third with 29.9 percent, and the group’s lowest with 18.8 percent. Despite the first round draw, China had a 69.1 percent chance of advancing to the round of 16 strongest teams.

A total of 24 countries will participate in this year’s Asian Cup, which will be divided into six groups for group matches. Twelve teams ranking first and second in their respective groups will advance to the round of 16, while four teams ranking third in their respective groups will join the remaining four teams. “As the third in the group, the team can advance to the round of 16 teams. This is why the probability of advancing to the round of 16 is higher than that of ranking second in the group,” Sohu said.

In addition, China had 33.6 percent chance of advancing to the quarterfinals and 14 percent chance of advancing to the semifinals. China had 5.2 percent chance of winning the semifinals and 1.9 percent chance of winning the championship.

China deployed a 5-3-2 formation on the day. All of the best soccer players were deployed. China’s top soccer star Wu Lei (Shanghai Port), who played in the Spanish league, and Tan Long (Changchun Yatai) took charge of the attack. Wang Xiangyuan (Henan FC), Dai Wai Chun and Wang Qiu Ming (Tianjin Jinman Tiger) formed the midfield. The five backs were Liu Yang (Shantong Taishan), Zhu Qianze (Shanghai Shenhua), Zhang Guangtai (Tires Browning), Zhang Linfeng (Shanghai Port), and Liu Bin (Shantong Taishan). Yan Jun Ling (Shanghai Port) wore the goalie gloves. Tajikistan fought back with a 4-3-3 formation.

China struggled quite a bit from the first half. It was even impossible to shoot once until the end of the first half. China displayed robust performance in the second half. It also had chances to score a goal. However, luck did not apply. China shook the opponent’s net at a corner kick in the 35th minute of the first half, but the referee canceled the score after VAR. In the end, the two teams tied 0-0 without scoring a goal. 헤라카지노도메인
The shocking draw angered many Chinese soccer fans. China’s Sina Sports reported the news of a 0-0 draw between China and Tajikistan, which was criticized by Chinese fans through comments. One Chinese soccer fan pointed out, “This is the reality of Chinese soccer.” Another Chinese fan raised his voice, saying, “Dismantle it.”

China aims to turn around the atmosphere against Lebanon, which is at the bottom of the list, on the 17th. If it does not catch this game, it can be quite dangerous to advance to the round of 16.