12 January 2024

There is no room at Tottenham, so why?… Munich officially announces recruitment of Dier

By pestfood.com

Bayern Munich eventually recruited Eric Dier (30), who had not been given a chance to play for Tottenham Hotspur.

Munich announced on Wednesday (Korea time) that it has recruited Eric Dier through its official website. The one-year contract includes a one-year extension. His uniform number is 15, the same as that of Tottenham.

Dyer moved to Tottenham from Sporting CP in 2014 and played only for Tottenham for 10 consecutive seasons until this season. Dyer played a total of 363 matches in official matches. He played 197 matches as a center back and 136 matches as a defensive midfielder.

He has been a mainstay of the team for a long time, but this season has been different. Coach Enzi Postecoglou, who came to Tottenham to replace Antonio Conte, pushed Dyer out of his main center back. Instead, Mickey Van der Ben and Christian Romero were appointed. There was clearly a reason. Dyer was already pointed out as a weakness of Tottenham’s defense. Dyer did not fit in Coach Postecoglou’s attacking football, which raises the defensive line considerably. He had difficulty covering the back due to his slow feet, so he was the right player to stand back and defend.

Even when there were no competitors, they were not properly given the opportunity. Recently, Van der Ben was injured and Romero was banned, but it fell behind fullback Emerson Royal.

Dyer’s own will seems to be considerable in this transfer. German Sky Sports reported on the 6th that Thomas Tuchel Munich had a conversation with Dyer himself. At the time, Sky Sports claimed that “Coach Tuchel is expected to use Dyer as a central defender or as a No. 6 midfielder.”

Does Dier, who does not have a seat in Tottenham, have a seat in Munich? Munich won the Bundesliga last season, but managed to regain the top spot in the final match. Since then, it has sought to regain its overwhelming power by recruiting Tuchel, Harry Kane and Kim Min-jae.

Harry Kane is doing as expected, but the defense with Kim Min-jae is still uneasy. Kim Min-jae is fighting hard. Upamecano and Matthijs the Licht suffer from injuries. Kim Min-jae is embroiled in a controversy over excessive labor.

“Kim Min-jae played 959 minutes out of 990 minutes in 11 matches in the league. He also played full-time in all four UEFA Champions League matches. “It is difficult to recover even on A-match days,” German Sport 1 said. “He is always participating. That’s because he had to. Munich has no alternative amid scarce options and tight schedule. At some point, even the monster (Kim Min-jae) becomes exhausted. We need to carefully consider when to provide rest.” The alternative is diet.

After the announcement, Christophe Freund, Munich’s sports director, said, “I’m happy to recruit Dyer. He will be a valuable asset for our defense. His sports abilities and experience in the international stage will help us both in the stadium and in the locker room.” 헤라카지노

“It’s like a dream transfer. Everyone dreams of playing in the same team as Munich when they were young. Munich is one of the biggest clubs in the world and has an incredible club history,” Dier said. “I want to help the team with my versatility and I’m looking forward to meeting my new teammates and fans at Allianz Arena, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world.”

Dyer also said goodbye to Tottenham fans who have supported him for 10 seasons. Dyer said on his official Tottenham channel on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “It was a great journey. The hospitality I received from the moment I came was amazing. Wherever I went around the world, a lot of Tottenham fans stood out and it was always amazing. I want to express my great gratitude for your support.”